Meet The 14 Year Old That Could Have Saved Steve Jobs Life

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A teenager that could have saved Steve Jobs life…Jack Andraka a 14 year old creates a cheaper and faster way to detect pancreatic cancer early.. And he did it all through internet research using just wikipedia and google. Basically he used the same information that we (you and me) all have access to…but the difference was his persistence and drive.

Persistence: He got rejected 199 times by college professors when he needed a laboratory to evolve his idea but did not stop…he kept on asking till he got his 200th YES.

Drive: He lost a family member to pancreatic cancer, and instead of blaming that man from the village or the devil…he decided to do something about it. Basically he used his loss to drive him.

This is what society needs especially my country Nigeria….too many of us are sitting around waiting for the government or God to solve our problems, when we have to solutions on our finger tips…praying that we wake up to our potentials.

See how Jack Andraka pulled it off:



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  1. Really dope, I wish I had this kind of opportunity though…..oh well it is not too late sha….I have little nephews and nieces….they gon’ learn hehehe

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