Sometimes You Have To F Teamwork

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I like working in teams don’t get me wrong, but sometimes working in teams can be a major #@#@$. The truth is that when a team functions at its optimum you get synergy, which is when the team’s output exceeds the sum parts of its members individual inputs (big english).

So basically because of synergy and other stuff, teamwork has been drummed into our heads as a critical strategy for success. From corporate America to our family living rooms, the message of team work is branded on into our heads and our lives. Anyone who goes against the concept of team work is looked at with disdain and disrespect and then slapped. But who can blame people’s obsession with team work, after all you have awe inspiring quotes such as “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

But what they failed to tell us is that with some teams you might neither get there quick or go far at all. Some teams are just parasitic parasites to the word synergy, they not only kill synergy they also drain energy.

So then what do you do, the truth is that sometimes you have to do it on your own. You do it on your own fast and then take the plans you have, and see if a team is willing to push it far. But if that team fails to push it far, you have to remove the slow team members and replace them with better people. Now if for some reason the team still fails, then you have to leave the team all together cause you are better off on your own.

You see the truth is that they lied to us about the concept of teamwork, some team members will sit back and take credit for your effort, some will make promises only to disappoint you, while some will deliberately sabotage all your efforts. The thing is that you have to strive not to get infatuated or addicted to a team, don’t let it go to your head. I know it is fancy to say you have a President, Secretary, Director…you name it. It is cute and all, but sometimes the teams do not work. And rather than modifying the team or leaving the team all together, people stay and wonder when the team will step up!

What you should do instead is to be smart enough to learn when your team sucks and when you need to jump to another team. Because at the end of the day, your only guaranteed mode of success is YOU!

NOTE: No teams where targeted in the writing of this article, any allusions to real teams Ofili has worked with is purely coincidental…I hope…

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9 comments on “Sometimes You Have To F Teamwork

  1. jazmyne on said:

    Lol.. Okay If you’re currently in any team, or just recently left one, I don’t think you’d want them to read this, disclaimer or not. Oh and by the way, I’m afraid to admit that except I’m the team leader, I’m pretty much those other “bad” people you talked about.
    So I will try to change after reading this. 😀

  2. “Some teams are just parasitic parasites to the word synergy, they not only kill synergy they also drain energy.” i definitely agree with this. i almoost got confused at first and i must confess i had to read the article twice before it actually sunk into my skull. There is TEAM and there is TEAM. There is more to the word TEAM than just a bunch of people sitting in an office. if you don’t share the same vison regardless of the fact that you work with each other… dont wanna hear the rest of the story. Excellent Post Mr Ofili.
    Sadiq Daniel latest post is ONE PURE WATER SACHET AT A TIMEMy Profile

  3. Ayodeji. R on said:

    I couldn’t agree more with this. Several times with work, assignments I’ve worked on in teams have been way less successful than ones I did on my own! Going it alone, you’re more likely to have tested ideas, worked them out than when you’re in a team when time would be spent discussing and deliberating instead of actually doing!

    • Ofili

      True! There has to be a fair balance of individuality and team work. Because sometimes sometimes…and sometimes…teams suck!

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