I Feel Naked Without My…

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The way this sketch came about was quite funny…

I was working on the internet and all of a sudden I had this feeling that something was missing from my work desk…it was this weird spooky feeling of nakedness that I could not explain. Turns out that that thing that I was missing was a pen!

I always need a pen in my hand or around me, because I never know when an idea could pop up in my head. I mean I don’t even need paper, if the idea is that good I will write it on my palms and if my palms are not big enough I will write it on my arms.

As a persistent writer I know how important it is to have a pen around all the time…because you never know when that great writing idea or sketch idea might decide to pop into your head. And if pops into your head and you don’t have a pen you could lose the idea forever! So grab a pen today…don’t be caught naked.

NOTE: Any allusion to a particular body part in this sketch is strictly coincidental. Ofilispeaks.com cannot be held liable for the thoughts that pop into your head!

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38 comments on “I Feel Naked Without My…

  1. haha! great sketch. My phone saves me from situations like that. when any idea pops up i quickly type in my phone memo. (except my battery don die and PHCN seize light )

  2. Cheche on said:

    Not as naked as when I don’t have a wristwatch on, but I am with you on the needing a writing material. In my case pencils work best, cause I can erase, pretty much the same I use the delete key on the keyboard.

    Lists flow better old-school than they do digitally in my view.

    • Ofili


      When I get writers block, I get to melt it with a paper and a pen. For some reason the allow my ideas flow better =/

  3. My bb helps out most times but I prefer a pen or pencil. But Ofili eehn that your sketch is “suspicious”

  4. Amiphat on said:

    You are sooooo naughty!!!=D Nice article (comments reserved on your ‘sketch’ and whether or not you cannot be held for our thoughts) :p :]x

  5. Lol! Cute sketch. I remember running out of a christian gathering during prayers to draw a sketch of logo that popped up in my head. *covers face* You can take anything away from me and don’t return but never try that with my pen. *haha*
    Great one Ofili.
    Emeka latest post is THE BOSS OR THE BOXEDMy Profile

    • Ofili

      lol…thanks for sharing Emeka. I so so feel you. Trust me, I have done crazier things…even during…whoops never mind.

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  7. My bb memo pad does the magic for me everytime. Pens somehow feel heavy and alien. Plus I associate them with school, so mba… Lol, this your sketch sha.:D

    • Ofili

      Ah…NEPA never catch you? And Battery never die? I can’t depend on my BB o…it can freeze anytime, crash anytime and die anytime. I prefer a pen, more dependable, no battery and best of all…no need for BIS.

  8. Alero Ann Roberts on said:

    Know exactly how you feel… naked nudity does not suit the academically well-endowed…. Nice pen by the way

  9. Thank God i am not alone, each time am without a pen and ask for 1 my friends always remind me to use my ipad. my many thoughts doesnt flow better without writing it on something.

  10. What a pleasant relieve. Sometimes I feel there is something wrong with me when i work on the street with my pen and anything to write on writing lyrics. I’ve written some songs that I go through later and doubt myself…
    Bros Ofili you too much! More grace for exploit. Na you Biko!!!

  11. On point man, as a matter of habit I go out wit @least 1 in a day,just dat I loose them as I move, lolz. But I keep buying, bcos to me just as u said,its most reliable. Nice pen sketch there by Ƭƕě way,smiles .

  12. Hmmm!!! ofili is not telling us to tatoo our palms and arms with pen, not when he says one thing his Oga at the top will say another… Lol

    Seriously, as a writer and analytical person I feel incomplete not just without my phone but without a pen. Very indispensible.

    Boss, I sent you an article couple of months ago still didn’t get your response.

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