Social Media Catches the Bad But What About The Good?

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Social media is revolutionizing the way of life in Nigeria. Back in the days police officers would harass you but nothing could be done because there was no video or camera evidence. But now within a couple of seconds videos caught on cheap phones are able to go viral almost instantaneously. Now dirty officers and LASTMA officials are wary of phones. Not just wary but afraid, because it is altering their way of life, disrupting their corrupt source of income and delivering witnesses were it was not possible before.

But it is easy to get caught up in the negatives, we all know bad news sells. That officers beating or raping is sure to trigger clicks and deliver google ad sense dollars. That’s a fact.

So we get caught up in capturing the bad, recording the evil, but we forget…we forget about the good. The LASTMA officials that go out of their way to assist that broken down car, the officer that stops cars so that school children can pass.

The fact is that in every society there are good cops and bad cops. But when bad news is pushed more than good news it overshadows the efforts of the good. It trivializes and ignores their effect. My push to all of us, is to keep searching for the evil but we should also make it our priority to recognize the outstanding…the good, those officers going above and beyond.

When we do that, we ensure that social media is not only used to bring down evil but also used to raise up and encourage the good. That’s our social media responsibility. And we have the power to make it happen.

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9 comments on “Social Media Catches the Bad But What About The Good?

  1. Oluwafisayomi on said:

    Just like the police officer who protested the killing of the Apo five and also came forward to testify but was assasinated by his colleagues,rounding up the number to “the famous Apo six”.I wrote an article about that once,somthing similar to this.Let us celebrate them the little way we can so we can encourage the good ones to do more and by touching one man we can also tell the others they can emulate and bring out the good in them.I believe in the act of changing the world,one man at a time.Cheers!

    • Ofili

      Did you hear about the Police officer that foiled an atm robbery. Can’t find the article again. But that was encouraging.

  2. Igbegocho on said:

    True. I honestly have not related them with anything good in a while. Maybe if we had more positive encouters with them it would happen. But if everytime i meet them they are doing contrary to the oath they have sworn, i must say it will be a bit difficult to celebrate them.

    • Ofili

      It is difficult, but if we celebrate the good and reward the good it might encourage (emphasis on might) the bad to turn good.

  3. Well said, Bro. I just thought about the ‘Officer guy that halts cars for school kids to pass’.. A whole lot is overlooked.. Our social media influencers really need to learn to promote the positive stuff too..

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