The Invisible President

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thinkThe problem with Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is communication.

From the top down, from him to his wife to his twitter governor, communication sucks. They run away from the media, avoid press conferences, set up debates against celebrities and if there are no celebrities, they debate themselves. That is how they got into power and now they continue that way believing that by avoiding the tough questions that they can somehow squeak past the finish line.

But the problem is that when there is that much silence, that much absence from the media, that space will be filled by noise. Noise from people making up stories, filling up the void with what they think. All the good work … if any that is being done will be drowned out by the noise from a confused citizenry and an equally confused media.

Nigeria needs their President more than ever, her ministers more than ever, her governors more than ever to embrace the lime light and communicate. Communicate with the people. We don’t want to hear from a President and First lady 20 days after an incident has happened and garnered international attention before they speak out. And no we don’t want to hear them only on those special holidays we want them to be spontaneous. To be visible not invisible.

If soldiers are being deployed show us the pictures , if new power plants are being built show it us and if shit goes bad tell us. Talk to us, engage the press, hold a town hall meeting regularly, tell people you care about their issues and see the difference!

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17 comments on “The Invisible President

  1. Ofili, i wish your words will get to their ears.

    Any good company/institution knows that communication is key. I think that the current leaderships’ problem goes beyond communication though. There is a high level of incompetence, corruption and insensitivity towards the plight of Nigerian citizens. Hoping that 2015 will be a turning point for all.
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  2. Tami on said:

    I’m compelled to agree with Monale on this one. This government is behaving as if they’re clueless on what to do about everything. The Latin phrase NEMO QUAD DAT NON HABET meaning ‘ you cannot givewhat you don’t have’ quite aptly describe the situation.

  3. True, Ofili. Our leaders shy away from the media most of time – which is terrible. Other times, the media misinterpret them and in some cases pass editorial judgement on them..

  4. Oluwafisayomi on said:

    Most of them are in position of power and authority not cos they qualify,its cos they knw someone who knws someone,nd their career kick started from the little appointment in a government office they got tru a certificate they obtained by hook or crook.Most of their corrupt practices started bak in skul,cos most of them passed or breezed tru skul(dat is if its not a toronto certificate)nd skul didn’t pass tru them.So hw do u think they knw what was taught in class,nd hw do u use in real life what you didn’t learn?I guess my point is;They don’t shy away from this press its cos when they are addressing the people they’re supposed to lead,the people knw more than they do,are more educated and intelligent,they knw dis nd don’t want their secret out.They don’t act cluess,THEY ARE CLUELESS!

  5. It’s not going to change…Nigerians are raised not to talk about their problems

    As a matter of fact, we were raised not to talk about our victories for fear that witches and wizards would harm us

    So don’t expect that this won’t reflect when this child grows to become president… na watin he know
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  6. Iganya on said:

    Me I really wish, infact desire that Mr. President plus his entire cabinet get to read all these.

  7. Louis on said:

    Watching Isha Sasay the CNN correspondence interview government officials, I hear them defend how the government has handled the current security crisis. Communication is lacking in all form of governance in Nigeria that’s why a minister of information says a report that had been published on the media has not reached his desk. I think all of this is set to reveal and expose to the world what happens in all forms of governance. In the last few days, there’s been a mindset amongst some Nigerians that the kidnapping was a scam and never happened. I can go on and on about all of this but I’d leave it here for now

  8. Niyikanmbi on said:

    Ofili, this is very true and fair enough. You are void of the many already defined sentiments i find in most political bloggers and activists. FG

  9. Sebastian on said:

    At the risk of sounding too negative about our country, i totally agree with you Okechukwu. It just so so so sad that our country and our so called leaders keep heaping more and more shame upon us like its never gonna come to an end. “Which way Nigeria” according to Sunny Okosun, may his soul rest in peace. From the 80’s to till now, were are we really heading?
    Okechukwu, please what’s your new pin, seems the one i have is your old one.



  10. Well spoken and very true. To show how care-free the presidency is, is the fact that he refused to assent the State of the Nation address Bill. To me is very sad and shows a lack of transparency and accountability.
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