Are You In The Sexy Business

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You know what’s sexy?

sexyHaving a business office with the state of the art cubicle and computer monitors, having your company logo designed by that expensive firm in Italy, having company drivers and cellphones for all your employees, being featured on CNN, NTA, BBC as that CEO of the next big thing. That’s sexy.

But sexy does not pay the bills, sexy does not ensure company success. In fact sexy hampers it, slows it down, makes people lose sight of the core business values like the numbers, customer service aka the unsexy.

Too many people are trying to do the sexy things, but don’t want to do the unsexy things. And it’s not just companies that are affected by the sexy bug, its government.

That’s why you have a government that has the sexy goal of manufacturing cars in Nigeria, but has not tackled the unsexy goal of fixing our roads. That’s why you have a government that wants to do the sexy and send a man/woman to the moon, but have not dealt with the unsexy business of ensuring that our Universities can produce quality graduates. That’s why you have a government that wants to attract sexy foreign investors but have not dealt with the unsexy business of growing local investors. All because sexy sells…

But the thing with sexy is that it also fades. And when sexy fades the only thing that can bring it back and keep that company, that organization, that administration going are the unsexy stuff. The stuff that no one wants to do but are needed to ensuring that the sexy ideas and projects work. Are you in the sexy business?

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16 comments on “Are You In The Sexy Business

  1. Wonderful piece ofili, we are all guilty of concealing the unbaked dough with icing & dressing. Tackle the little things and the big things will come.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Emeka you are so right. I forgot to add that one. We are always doing this things that make us look good on paper, but in reality the things on ground are really shaky.

  2. Olawale on said:

    Nice 1 as always Ofili… Do u know dat a lady friend decided to remove pix from her BB dp and kept the BUSY sign up after reading did… Just to show she’s decided to be in d unsexy biz…. *winks*

  3. Chinyere Anyaji on said:

    Like Nate,,,,I try to do both & trust me y’all….its not difficult….that’s how the system is,,,,,u’ll have to find a way around it….
    Like Tola…..u got me laughing hard!!!
    @EMEKA…..Well,,,our Mints in all their denominations look Sexy….if you only knew how I hate spending the Fresh Mints/notes wen I have them,,,,i keep them for Offerings…cos they are so sexy!!!!! i’ll give my Government for once Credit for that……..*Winks……

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