Why Society Needs More Screw Ups

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Our right to screw up has been taken away from us, by our schools, teachers and society. We are told from an early age to follow the rules…to color within the box, to walk with our shirts tucked in and to not question authority. Any screw up or deviation from the norm is swiftly corrected with discipline. The students who never screw up…the ones who follow the rules are rewarded with leadership and awards. While the screw ups…the ones who question the rules are relegated as outcasts and termed “hopeless.”


In the end our schools succeeds in churning out students whose greatest ability is following rules. Their measure of success is defined by how well they follow these rules “good” or “bad,” “logical” or “illogical” their ability to reason to fight the norm is robbed by the spirit of no screw ups. The rebels on the other hand have been made mute by discipline…too afraid to question the rules of a crazy society for fear of being termed a screw up once again. So our society chugs along with the same screwed up ideas that messed it up in first place. Ironically, the solutions lie hidden in the hearts and minds of the now silent screw-ups.


We need to stop the assault on the screw ups for they hold the key to societies success, because without them society remains stagnant and stagnation is never good. So sometimes it is ok to allow your children screw up, to allow them make mistakes and to allow them question your authority. Cause if you don’t we would end up breeding a society afraid to challenge itself.


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  1. UnilagOlodo on said:

    Screwing up drives me… Would have dropped a smart ass comment but I’m just too screwed up for that!

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