Ruth: The Lady Who Started It All

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ruth 800 bootsRuth: The Lady Who Started It All (#800boots … N612,500 raised … only N187,500 left)

I met Ruth at a make shift classroom at Makoko. She aspired to be a female basketballer and like I often do when i meet a potential basketball player … I looked at her height and then her feet. Her feet…

Her feet were covered in sores. All over. Sores from walking around in the muddy paste of dirt in her community. We got her to see a Doctor who gave her some antibiotics drugs. Now the sores are getting better…much better I got see her this past Saturday.

But there are more Ruth’s out there running around barefooted with sores. Which is why we are raising N800,000 to buy 800 rain-boots for 800 children to allow them run around safely.

We wish we could do more … and we hope to do more. But for now our focus are the rain-boots. For those outside Nigeria you can make donations to paypal email address

Only N183,500 left!



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