Aluu4: Never Before Seen Pictures And New Ways To Help

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On October 2012, I had the privilege to meet with Jane Toku-Mike the mother of Lloyd…just several days after her son had been fatally beaten and torched for a crime that he did not commit. I was nervous about the meeting, I mean what do you tell a mother after losing her son in such a brutal manner? But we spoke and there was one thing she kept saying. And that was that she and all the other parents wanted people to know who their children were, that they were innocent, that they had dreams, that they had aspirations, that they were just like us…you and me.

So last month roughly a year after our first meeting, I asked Jane Toku-Mike if she had pictures of her son that I could use for a project I was working on … you can imagine my surprise when I received not just one but several dozen pictures of Lloyd and the other 3 children. Pictures scanned from a brochure titled Four Friends that was made in honor and remembrance of the aluu4. A brochure filled with never before seen pictures of the children, as babies, in church, in school on visiting day. Just normal everyday pictures with words from family describing their sons.

And I just had to share it, not to stoke another endless debate about the hopelessness of Nigeria or whose fault it was that aluu4 happened. But rather to do something to ensure that the aluu4 victims get justice and to remind the parents that we the people of Nigeria have not forgotten. But more importantly that we will not forget. We will keep fighting for their sons, until they get justice.

And we can fight this fight. All they need from us is to keep their children in the news cycle so that the courts know that we are watching and that we will not be silent if justice is stolen from them.

So feel free to share these pictures, this article, these words, even steal from the article, but get the word out. You can start with publicizing their November 14th court case at High Court 21 in Port Harcourt. If you stay in Port Harcourt, go out there and support, take pictures. Report the news, post it on your blog, ping it, whatsapp it, instagram it, let it spread. Its the little we can do.

Enjoy the below pictures and words from their family. I was moved and I am sure you will too…


The name Lloyd means excellent, little wonder he was a wonderful child even from birth.

At the age of five was able to draw creatively anything he sets his eyes on, including the Nigerian coat of arms.

Born on the 21″ of November 1993 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Toku Mike of Okikike War Canoe House, Ogbogbo town in Okirika Local Government Area of Rivers State.

In primary school, he was given double promotion from primary four to six because of his brilliance.

He then attended New Covenant Secondary School, Borokiri. Port Harcourt. Where he met one of his childhood friends the Late Tekena F. Elkanah.

He later enrolled into another Secondary School the Niger Delta Science School where he met his roommate, soul mate and closest friend, Late Ugonna Obuzor.

He was the winner of the Third edition of the Silverbird Musical show called turp rap battle for upcoming artists in Rivers State.

Lloyd was a very sociable person, though shy, he was able to mix easily among his peers.




Master Tekena was fondly known as TK

He was born on 20th November 1992, to Mr. and Mrs. Friday Elkanah in Elkanah’s Family of Olobofika War Canoe House of Kingoli/Fuamakiri/Orumokpo Group of Houses.

He had his early education in Port Harcourt at the Nigerian Navy Nursery/Primary School, Borikiri in 1997.

He enrolled with the New Covenant Group of Schools at New Road, Port Harcourt for his Secondary education in 2004, where he met his childhood friend Master Lloyd Toku Mike.

In 2010 they met themselves again in the University of Port Harcourt, Choba where he started a Pre-degree programme (Basic) to study Mechanical Engineering but he was not favored. In 2011, he repeated the programme without success.

As a determined student who saw life as though difficult, but worth struggling for, with the support of his parents and siblings went again in 2012 for a certificate Programme in computer Science Curriculum.

It was while running this programme that this young star met his brutal death together with his friend Lloyd Toku Mike and others, on October 5th 2012.

He was the only son and last child among four(4) girls.

Late Tekena was very handsome and quiet person and also shy amongst girls but did blend very well with friends (boys). Always well dressed, looking sweet and teasing.



ugonna young

Ugonna was born on Monday May 30th 1994 into the families of Mr Messaiah Amobi Obuzor and late Mrs Uwen Jane Obuzor (Nee Bassey).

He had his primary school education at the staff nursery and primary school (SNAPS) of the Federal College of Education (Technical ) Omoku.

He started his secondary education at the Demonstration Secondary School Omoku where he did JSS 1-3.

When Ugonna’s Mother in October 26′” 2005 passed on, he was by circumstance compelled to change to Niger Delta science school (NDSS) of Rivers state Arts and Science, Rumuola. Port Harcourt where he completed his secondary education, SSS 1-3.

He Wrote both the May/June WASSCE and NECO in 2009 and obtained excellent results in all his subjects. He sat for both examinations at the age of 15.

He gained admission to study geology at the University of Port Harcourt in 2010/2011 academic year.

He was very sociable, respectful. humble, caring and mixed with friends easily. He was an admirable young man and a gifted child.

Ugonna had musical talents. He featured in some musical competition like the “Rap Attack” that was aired by Silverbird Television. Port Harcourt.

Ugonna was fondly called “Ugo boy” by his Dad and Tipsy by his close friends Ugonna was indeed the best any sibling could think of and have.

He was a young man that always dreamed big. He had a thinking mind and believed that dreams could come true if you put your mind on it. He had always said, he will be a graduate at the age of twenty (20).

Ugonna, as a geology undergraduate was already looking forward to his industrial attachment and youth service programme.



Chiadika_edited-1Master Chiadika Lordson Biringa was also known as Aladdin.

Born on 23rd September 1992, Chiadika was the first of four male children of Comrade & Mrs Biringa O.S.

He started his nursery and primary education at Staff Nursery and Primary School (SNAPS) FGC Rumuokoro and his Secondary education at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Borokiri.

Based on his love for music, dance and other social related activities, Chiadika chose a career in Theatre Arts and gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt in 2010 to study his desired discipline (Theatre Arts).

Late Chiadika Biringa, a sophomore student of the University of Port Harcourt and was known for his good sense of humour, generosity and friendliness to people and respect.

He was a person filled with so many dreams and aspirations.


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73 comments on “Aluu4: Never Before Seen Pictures And New Ways To Help

  1. olakunle Kasumu on said:

    Great job bro. We forget too quickly in Nigeria. The worst things happen, we cry for a short while and then we simply move on. That has to stop if we want to get better and learn from mistakes and tragedies. Kudos to you for keeping this national calamity in the front burner.

    • Thanks sir. We learn from you guys…channels TV. Cause you guys keep on investigating versus doing cut and paste journalism. Thanks for fighting the fight and we would continue.

  2. I use an iPhone, how do I get your book online, you seem to have made provision for only blackberry and android users..

  3. Nice one remembering the Aluu4, may their souls RIP.
    I use an iPhone, how do I get your book online, you seem to have made provision for only blackberry and android users..

  4. Hi Ofili,
    The two young men at Ajara Badagry who were also lynched come to remembrance. I cannot fault your last 3 articles (this one inclusive). This particular one humbles and inspires me. I could not read it………just looking at the pictures made me sad. These are our children, brothers, uncles, cousins, nephew, friends. While we keep the struggle on to ensure justice is served, each one of us MUST SQUELCH that urge that feels justified when a “ROBBER” is caught and is been lynched.

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  6. I won’t forget these boys…i had a breakdown after i heard an saw the stories…was ill for close to two weeks.

    Thank you for these lovely pictures.

    May god continue to give their loved ones the fortitude to bear their loss. Amen.

    May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed all over the world, rest in peace. Amen.

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  9. Won’t ever forget the day I heard the news and watched the video. Whenever I see a related article, I imagine the family of these victims and wonder how they go thru life, day after day. Aluu4 is a subject that made me angry, afraid and hopeless. This is our Nigerian situation. Thank u Mr Ofili for this article. For allowing us to see a different part of them. But then, it worsens d pain.

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  11. A country that kills its youths is not worth dying for. This is exactly why people like bamanga and anenih are still in politics toying wiv our lives; them don chop the children finish. thanks for keeping the memory of these young ones alive. i was already in my second year in university when tbese dudes were given birth to. they could have been my children. anyway i can help, count me in!!

  12. May God bless u as u continue to write and fight for justice for Aluu4. This whole tin makes me sick, I feel so sad 4 them, innocent kids.RIP Aluu4

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  14. This country is really in a dire situation. Lawlessness has become the norm and there’s gross violation of human right and abuse of public office.
    Just yesterday 13th November, I got a sad news that the convoy of the wife of a governor (state to be confirmed) while blasting their sirens made a trailer veer of the road and hit my mother causing serious bodily harm and eventually death.
    I am in shock not because she died, because I know she lived a great and impacting life. But because some people who has contributed nothing to the development of our nation, who are there because of fortune are beginning to use our collective wealth to kill us needlessly.
    We are following this up until we are sure of a logical conclusion.
    My mother is the wife of a man who served this country tirelessly and retired from the Nigerian immigration services. Her husband’s entitlement was not given to her and she was made to go without reaping from their collective sweats.
    I thank God because I know she is in a better place, but nobody, government or public official has any right to directly or indirectly cause the death of another man.
    As we continue this struggle, we will still get more but we have to overcome it by the power vested on the pen and use of available means of disseminating information and mobilisation of the people.

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  16. If you didn’t report it and keep speaking about it, I wouldn’t have known. Thanks for keeping this in the news cycle. They were so young and snatched too quickly from this world. May they rest in peace.

  17. i like the vibe bro with your caption @ the bottom, this blog can cure cancer ! thats one sure jingle , keep up the good work, and to these good kids that were maimed by jungle justice adieu.

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  19. Oyindamola- Adebimpe-Grace on said:

    My thoughts go to the Aluu4 families, may the Lord continue to strengthen them as they channel their pain to fulfilled lives.

  20. Thank you. We all talked about it but you did something about it, and now we know, even if just a little bit, about who they were.

  21. Oluwatobi on said:

    Thank you so much Ofili, we will not forget, we’ll keep on blogging, tweeting and facebooking about it. This is such a re-awakening! Please how do I get the story on facebook?

  22. Ofili… I saw d clip of d incidence and cld imagine why a guy commited suicide after watching it… was barbaric and now these collections/ write up is pulling me all up… What a life?.. I jst feel down – thinkin abt it let alone bn amngst d mob, who may themselves be criminals … Na wa oo!

  23. Elizabeth on said:

    Everybody in nigeria should read this, maybe this would put a stop to jungle justice cbcos a lot of innocent people have lost their lives in this process. these boys were kidsssss! People’s children, boyfrnds, friends,brothers, uncles … I feel so much for their mothers bcos am also a mother the thought of such a loss is terrible! Am definitel sharing this anyway I can and Ofili tnks 4 d great Job God bless u!

  24. So Sad hw times flys n d memory lives on. May their Souls continue 2 Rest in Peace n mAy God give their families d fortitude 2 bear it.

  25. Adegbindin Babatunde on said:

    my DTM nice one, i am lost for word but i can only say may their souls rest in perfect peace and may their killers know no peace. did i hear a resounding amen.

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