My Letter Of Rejection But Still We Write

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Someone once told me that she was afraid to write because she was afraid of all the rejections and criticisms she might get.

And I said honey misses … if you want to become a great writer, you will face great and un-great criticism. You will face warranted and unwarranted rejection. Many people will tell you that you cannot write, or your book is not ready, or there is no space for your book.

But what the awesome writers do after getting these rejections is to do what they do best…what they were put on this earth to do and that is to write and write even more. Because the more you write the better you become. That is the secret. But if you like many others, stop writing and accept the rejection. And let it affect you deep down, then you rob the world of your talent.

So keep writing and use the rejections to power you on. I am driven now more than ever to write so well and so good, that down the line I will be at a Laterna book reading and say…there was a day when Laterna had no space for my books but now they do.

That’s what drives, and that ‘s what should drive you. Keep writing.


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14 comments on “My Letter Of Rejection But Still We Write

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      You are welcome Farouk. it happens to the best of us. When i go to seth godin’s website I feel that my writing is in-adequate. but I kept writing…

  1. kookaburra on said:

    I really admire your optimism despite the rejection; I’ve only had one major rejection and it crippled me that even I don’t trust my abilities anymore. It was a blunt no, no space constraint, no excuse, just a big no that’s been resounding in my ears for months.I wasn’t even trying to market my book, just my talent, it hurts no be small but thanks for this piece.

  2. Segunaminu on said:

    Ofili, some times I just lack the zeal to write because I feel like I’m not a great writer. I soon realized that it gets better with time. I spend time reading what others write and it inspires me to continue writing.

    This applies to life in general. How many times have you given up on dreams and aspirations because of rejection? Few months ago, I felt like giving up on my blog. then, I wrote a post about moving forward and it greatly encouraged me.

    Again, another insightful post, Ofili. You are doing a great job Sir!
    Segunaminu latest post is Is This A Case Of Double Standards In Florida?My Profile

  3. on said:

    I really like this post, but being a writer is tough on so many different levels not just rejection because
    i. you ALWAYS feel like you are doing crap and everyone is better than you.
    ii. on the one occasion you actually feel your work is worth something, someone tells you it’s crap.
    iii. your work usually indeed tends to be crap for like the first 10 tries
    iv. you are embarrassed to share it because you think people will laugh.
    v. you are afraid to be honest because it’s honesty and it involves people seeing a bit more into your deep heart.

  4. I also can’t help but be concerned for Laterna Ventures, ltd. Why would a company, one that deals in books, moreover, use Comic Sans as its official font?

  5. Lady S on said:

    Truly inspiring. It takes a lot to face rejection and still keep moving forward. That’s the stuff greatness is made of. Thanks Ofili.

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