Make Puff Puff Not Bombs #Bokoharam

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So yesterday I was up all night working on a sketch related to this whole bokoharam issue.

After weeks of sad depressing news, I was hoping that the sketch would help make people smile and perhaps even make them laugh. So I drew it all up and finished at about 2:00 am. I posted it on instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook and my site and jumped walked into bed.

When I woke up, it had had already 100+ likes on instagram. Cool I thought, but then …

I started reading some comments, and then I saw the words: stereotypical, ethnical, biased and other negative words kept on rolling. I mean it was not like everything was negative, in fact only about 103% was negative, but it was consistent enough to make me look at the sketch twice. On the second look and now with a clearer head and much needed sleep, I was able to see how what I sketched could be misinterpreted and misunderstood. So I deleted altered it …

I realized that sometimes an artist/writer can be misinterpreted in many ways. But how we choose to respond is what is critical … we can ignore the misinterpretations or try and understand them and make changes. Now I am not saying you should listen to every single person that does not like what you have created, because trust me after writing for over 9 years, you are sure to run into a steady dose of people not liking or understanding your shit. And if you responded to everyone one you will go crazy.

What I am saying is that you as an artist (and we all are artists) should define your very own personal criteria for altering your work based on outside comments. It could be quantity, it could quality and a host of other factors. For me personally I fully saw the validity in the claims and thus made the decision to alter it …here’s hoping you like the altered sketch and that it still makes you smile/think as much as the first one.

puff puff not bombs

twitterWritten and Drawn By Okechukwu Ofili of
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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8 comments on “Make Puff Puff Not Bombs #Bokoharam

  1. Dupe on said:

    I didn’t get to read the make suya and not bomb, the link through facebook is not working

  2. Olawale on said:

    Yea… Ofili, thoughtful sketch as always. Though I didn’t see the previous sketch but the difference in the captions “titles” made me think to see what those claims could be and my credit towards this new caption “…make puff puff” as against “…make suya” and the sketch.

    Good job… Respect n Tuale !

  3. O~Intuition! on said:

    Thank You Ofili.

    Thank You not just for this post but for previous ones too… Insightful messages!

    Yes! ‘ the work never finishes (or ends)’…may you not get weary.


  4. Thank you for doing that. I also thought stereotype though I didn’t bother to comment. Thank you for thinking of sensitive ones like us

  5. Godson on said:

    I think I dig the message Big Bro…”Make puff puff” like the local snack-feeding people,helping people…not “making bombs” killing people,wasting lives… The message “be part of the solution,not the problem to be solved” #FD. I love your blog Man.

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