Exclusive and New Back Cover for How Intelligence Kills

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I just submitted the complete How Intelligence Kills PDF to the printers.

According to them the book will be ready by December 18th. So for all those that supported the kickstarter project at http://bit.ly/intelligencekills you will be getting your books by God’s grace before Christmas. But all that depends on the speed of the post office in getting the books out to you.

For those in Nigeria, I will be bringing the book down with me so will be making efforts to deliver the books to you directly, you know how our post office is so you will have to be a bit flexible and do stuff like meeting up at bookstore or picking up from a central location. Also I will be doing a book reading at Patabah book stores on January 4th, 2014. As always I will be there to sign and kiss your books. I am working on scheduling one in Abuja as well, and will as always keep you updated.

Thanks again for the support….keep rocking…keep making a difference…be awesome!

PS: Checkout the exclusive never before seen complete back cover for the new book. Tell me what you think about it…

back cover



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29 comments on “Exclusive and New Back Cover for How Intelligence Kills

  1. patiently waiting for my free autographed copy :-)……

    The backcover is NEW, NICE, CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE its goes to show how “outside the box” thinking kind of person u are, and makes anybody wanna read.
    But…..the stetches are kinda much, the small ones spoilt it a bit.

  2. Dami Thorpe on said:

    I am keen to read this book by christmas. Anything that will prevent this even the postal service is bound by fire by force. And yes it will be nice to seeing you live and direct at patabah bookstore.

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