If Life Shows You Pepper…Make Pepper Soup

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I saw this quote “if life shows you pepper, make pepper soup” on someones instagram page like a week ago and I was like…I have to do an illustration around it!

Especially because it is quite profound in an Afrocentric/Nigeriacentric…type of way. Because the sad truth is that life sucks (especially in Nigeria) does not go around giving us lemons or suya…it gives us some pretty shitty stuff like pepper aka wahala in Nigerian pidgin english.

We can complain about the pepper we are receiving or we can turn our pepper into pepper soup. In other words, we can take the negativity we get from the world/life…and turn it into something positive. Because when life shows you pepper its best to make pepper soup and enjoy…stay awesome…

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9 comments on “If Life Shows You Pepper…Make Pepper Soup

  1. Nelly J on said:

    When I saw the title,I smiled.I knew I just had to read it. Quite brief tho,but I liked the idea of creating intances from the known “pepper soup”. Thumbs up Ofili.

  2. Life gives lemons. Life gives pepper. It seems all Life does is give tнє key ingredients. Its up to us to go into tнє kitchen aηd do something with it.
    Lovely piece, Okechukwu.

  3. Barbie on said:

    Awww…i love this quote. Very similar to we can’t change the hands we are dealt, just how we play. But the pepper soup version is funnier.

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