If Your Pastor Is This Then Something Is Wrong With You

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church-todayIf your pastor is the same age or younger than your husband yet you refer to him as ‘sir’ and don’t use the same for your husband, something is wrong with you…

If you courtesy, as in kneel as a sign of respect for your pastor and don’t do the same for your husband, something is wrong with you…

If your husband tells you something and you ignore it till your pastor says the same thing, something is wrong with you…

If you talk anyhow to your wife and give respect to your pastor, something is wrong with you…

If you are a pastor, deacon or church worker and you prioritize church work over your household, something is wrong with you…

If you would rather take money to the church than to show your responsibility at home, something is wrong with you…

If you call someone who does not know your phone number, bb pin, home address or even just your first name, daddy, mummy or spiritual daddy/mummy, hmm, something is wrong with you…

If you talk more about your pastor than about JESUS, something is wrong with you…

If you think it is all right for your pastor to be protected by security guards while no one protects you, something is wrong with you…

If you think something is wrong with me, you are right, what it is, is I am tired of seeing people act like it’s ok to be gullible…

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33 comments on “If Your Pastor Is This Then Something Is Wrong With You

  1. Haa. You are in the spirit cos I was just about to do a post similar to this. On saturday, I was driving through a road in Yaba, only for us to hit a deadloack because two cars were facing each other, and no one wanted to reverse for the other.

    Common sense said the guy who had no car at his back should reverse so we could all go. The guy refused to reverse. I was so much in a hurry, that I had to get down from my car to see what was wrong. Lemme just jump to the end. One woman came and said all of us should reverse for this single car because HE IS A PASTOR.

    • It is just totally ridiculous dis religion/pastor worshippin thing!let’s just say I witness dis first hand everyday wit a relative,he is so brain washed,i fear it’s a sickness of some sort! 🙁

  2. chiobam on said:

    me likey… i thought i was the only on that noticed all these things .. thanks ofili. But you still owe me more from the Lagos Play boy series. shey i told you i went to the bank to queue just to download on Okada Books.#nowastemyEffort oo… xoxo

  3. Happy New Year bro! This is officially my first comment for the year.

    Back to the matter. If you think all dispute with your spouse has to be resolved by your pastor…something is definitely wrong with you. Who told you the pastor doesn’t have his own domestic issues?
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  4. Nice piece. This behaviour has been goin unchecked. Been wondering if there’s something wrong wt us in nig .
    Anyway, ofili i backed ur kickstarter project bt haven’t received my bk although its my fault I couldn’t remember my email pasword soo I missd ur kickstarter msg. Saw it this yr, hv replied bt stil hvnt gotten any respons frm u. & I sent a msg on kickstarter xplaing wot hapend wch u didn’t acknowledge

  5. Amazing piece. Just to add mine “if you are okay with increasing the army of cars in your pastor’s fleet, rather than sponsor someone’s education or set up a person in business, then something is definitely wrong with you”.

  6. This Doesnt even make any sense,please go do something relevant with yourself instead of writing those books that never sell and overflogging this pastor issue.
    If u like write articles from today till Jesus comes it will still happen.Common sense is indeed not Common.

  7. Good one. @cece, you don’t have to be rude to make a point. Ofilibooks sells cos I have at least 2 and I know friends who also have, same goes for okadabooks. I would like to know what your points are or what you have done to society to add value(since you raised the point). God doesn’t need you to fight battles on His behalf. Win souls that’s your call

  8. Olusola on said:

    if you dedicate a fb post wish your pastor happy birthday and have never met him and don’t do the same for your friends and family, something is wrong with you

  9. Sometimes I read your article headlines and I go, “Uuh! Wish I could punch him in the face now.’ Then I click to read the content and I go,”Wow! This guy sure knows what he’s saying…and he knows just how to say it right.’ You rock, bro! And this post rocks!…My Real Comment: like we all don’t know what’s going on *scoffs*. Duh! But really, I imagine that soon enough there’s going to be a revolution, call it religious revolution, and all ‘them’ gullibles will begin to raze down maginificent ‘edifices’ which their MONIES paid for anyway. Till then….The Spirit warns constantly about falsehood.

  10. Richie on said:

    if you always say my pastor says rather than the bible say… something is definately wrong with you.

  11. Ezzyking on said:

    I was watching a certain man of God preach on Tv few years ago. I think he was talking about prosperity. In the middle of his sermon,he just said “who owns so so brand of car,so so colour,that I saw parked out side? Come out here” and a young guy came out,and the pastor said “come here and shake me,that’s what I’m talking about” and the congregation clapped. But I didn’t hear him ask the young man who he was or what he did for a living. So if your pastor is like that……you are on your own.

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