Party Switching Is A Threat To Nigerian Democracy? #Tambuwal

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Thesis: Party Switching Is A Threat To Nigerian Democracy?

I am still doing my research on this thesis … but for now I believe that the alarming ease with which people are switching parties from PDP to APC and vice-versa in my opinion … is bad for the Nigerian democracy.

If this continues and at this frequency, then we might never form a true two-party system. And by true, I mean parties that have key ideologies and view points that they stand for. Ideologies that govern a persons decision to join or reject a party.

Instead what we have right now are politicians switching and joining parties not when ideologies or philosophies match but rather when it benefits their political progress and that’s why I think it is a threat to Nigerian democracy. Because it relegates our political process to a Big Brother Africa type show … formation of alliances to avoid getting voted out or in this case voted in.

But again I am still doing my research on this …. Maybe it will auto-correct itself as we grow as a democracy but for now as I always say … same shit different toilet.

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4 comments on “Party Switching Is A Threat To Nigerian Democracy? #Tambuwal

  1. Miss Chibuzo on said:

    Well Okey good luck on your research, I hope you don’t end up having grey hair after because research into our Nigerian politics and government is an endless journey with several unanswered questions.

    Nigeria’s democracy is just a black letter law codified in the Constitution as at 1999. We have in practice an autocratic-demo-crazy!

    Now you talk about a “true two-party system” and I ask what happened to the other existing political parties aside PDP and APC….have they gone extinct? Who says that the next president or governance is going to be from these two “Majority Parties” causing commotion everywhere?

    The “party switching” clearly shows that decisions of governance are in the hands of a very few key players and everyone is playing their cards well in order not to be found on the weak side…*Get rich or die trying*

    We are being fooled by our leaders..who have no atom of respect for the rule of law. The law is not above our political leaders but instead, the law bows to their favour. They fight themselves openly to keep the public talking and distracted while they all go behind the cameras to wine, dine and make merry.

    They (our so-called leaders) are all after one common goal but using different means and channel to achieve it………… we are just the ones left behind! So whether they switch, scatter or sabotage……the end is GOVERNMENT SEAT!

    My recent worry which you may want to add to your thesis is this new quest of youngsters all going into politics. We have for long criticized and demanded that our older leaders give the younger generation opportunities in leadership. Recently a few have come on -board (artiste, performers, footballers etc) and I ask with what intention……To redeem the lost pride of Nigerian politics or to follow the steps of their predecessors… Is there truly a light at the end of the tunnel for politics in Nigeria?

    I rest my case!

  2. olomola oluwatosin on said:

    party switching among politicians in Nigeria isn’t a stale phenomena. it been a rampant between 2003 during obasanjo’s administration. about 8 senators switching parties between2003 and 2007, and there have been an increase in these virus which might ;and of course without checkmating this occurencies will impede Nigeria’s democracy. deflection among party menbers send bad signal about a political party to the entire public and it is also show to the public that the generality of communal interest is not the focus but rather politician are pursuing the own self interest…….
    am presenting studying on these because I can see it breaking the guiding principles that integrate Nigeria together

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