The Bring Back Our Girls Campaign #BringBackOurGirls

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bringbackourgirlsInstaOf late the hash tag #bringbackourgirls has been trending all over twitter.

Celebrities from Chris Brown to Piers Morgan to Tonto Dike have lent their voice to the movement and helped power the campaign. And because of the celebrity exposure and the push from thousands of Nigeria across the world, approximately 62,000 of the 75,000 signatures required by Ify Elueze’s campaign has been reached!

But what’s next? That’s the money question? What happens when the 75,000 signatures are reached? What happens when the hash tag #bringbackourgirls trends world wide? Will it bring back the girls?

The answer is sadly … we don’t know. I don’t know. Nobody knows what will happen.

Nobody knows if it will push the Nigerian government to search harder, nobody knows if it will change the minds of the kidnappers. Nobody knows.

But I do know one thing. And that is this …

When a child goes missing in the abroad, the Parents, family and friend do all they can to keep the news in the story. The longer the news stays in the media, the higher the chances of recovery. In this case that is all we can do. Keep the news circulating for as long as we can. It could be a single tweet, a couple of hundred re-tweets, an instagram picture, signing this link here, going out to Abuja to march, it could be anything as long as you are doing something you are helping.

Don’t spend your retweet time criticizing the movement. If you don’t believe in it, ignore it and move on with your life.

But for those that believe. Keep re-tweeting, keep signing, keep pushing, something may happen but then again something may not happen but it is sure better to do something than to do nothing!

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7 comments on “The Bring Back Our Girls Campaign #BringBackOurGirls

  1. Diana on said:

    Thank you for this write-up Ofili. What I don’t get is the politicizing of this issue. 234 little girls are missing and we are here discussing whether its politically motivated or not? Is this what the mothers of these girls care about? How about everyone take a step back and consider the most important factor in all this madness; “THE GIRLS”
    Thank you.

  2. Bibii on said:

    “Something may not happen…” That’s a painful truth. However like you said lets keep making noise about it and make the government uncomfortable. If we don’t win this fight, something worse might happen.

  3. You typed ‘my mind’….It’s only cause I know your brain works in ways mine could never…I would have said you ‘stole’ the words right out of my heart cos I just said basically the same on my FB….Thanks for this Oke.

    We shall not forget. They better believe it. They must bring our girls back!

  4. We can only Hope that the govt step up search and rescue the girls as soon as possible. All our noise and campaign mustn’t be in vain..

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