@ofilispeaks 2015 Writing Bootcamp Announcement?

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The last social media training bootcamp I did was in 2012!

That was like 3 years ago and ever so often I am reminded about it! People will see me and ask … “so when are you doing your next boot-camp” or “it’s been ages since you last did your boot-camp” or “I really do miss those your boot-camps” and sometimes I see the messages in my comments…


To be honest I get the message … the truth is that I miss the boot-camp’s myself. One of my greatest joys is teaching people and watching them flourish and succeed. I have seen people that attended my 2011 and 2012 boot-camps achieve almost rock star status … even pass me wey teach them.

So yes I get the message which is why I am announcing here that I will be doing a boot-camp in 2015. A Marketing Boot-camp For Writers, tagged Get Rich Or Write Trying simply How To Write More and Earn More Even If You Don’t Know How To Write. Some of the draft topics that will be covered include:

  1. Why Writers are Broke and Marketers are Paid … and how to get paid
  2. How to look like a Celebrity even though you are Not … yet
  3. How to Write A Book Without Writing
  4. How to Design Sexy Book Covers That Sell
  5. How to Print Affordable Books That Won’t Fall Apart
  6. How to Create A Huge Fan Base Using Social Media and Blogs
  7. How to Create A Website For Less Than 2000 Naira
  8. How to Publish Your Book Without Publishers

As with everything I do, feel free to give me feedback. For example, if there are topics you would like to see that are not mentioned, do let me know. My plan is to do a one day but all day intensive boot-camp, my goal is to make it as high scale as possible but yet affordable. Quality is my principle.

Also do let me know what you will be interested in paying for a Writing Boot-camp like this. THE END.


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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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7 comments on “@ofilispeaks 2015 Writing Bootcamp Announcement?

  1. peyton on said:

    hi are you serious about this? i would love to attend. I actually love writing but i guess my 9to5 takes all my time. So please send an email when the time is close so I can attend. Also can it be weekends?or a friday? fridays are my less busy days at work. Can I also suggest including Legal topics. Thanks.

  2. Ah! Imagineer Okechukwu Ofili,I’d like to attend your boot-camp o! Please make it affordable for struggling scribblers like us,abeg o! When is it coming up?

  3. orcee on said:

    Hey Ofili..i will love to attend…please email me when you have fully decided and date is set..
    “For selfish reasons”..let it be a weekend and also let it be in Lagos
    Good job!!!

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