#Nigeria Does Not Need Vision 2020 We Need Vision Now Now

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First we were told it would be Vision 2000, the millennium vision. This was when Nigeria would reach its greatness…then that got postponed to 2010, and now we have the optometrically[sic] cute Vision 2020! Our generation has to realize the urgency of the situation. People are not looking for vision 2020…they are looking for Vision now-now. What can we get done now…immediately…not in 10 years’ time or 5 years’ time, or whenever another cute year comes along. The visions have to stop in our time. There is just too much to be done for people to be talking about visions for the future. We have to talk about what we can do now and how it will influence the future…not the reverse, because the reverse has made us lazy.

So when we talk about fixing things like NEPA, it must be with a sense of urgency; when we talk about fixing roads, it must be with a sense of urgency. People want to know see what we can do now and not what we can do in the future.…

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5 comments on “#Nigeria Does Not Need Vision 2020 We Need Vision Now Now

  1. As you said it doesn’t matter how fast we get there as long as we get there. There will be no point of a vision now now if everything is going to crash real soon. The goal however should be to provide lasting solutions. However it would not hurt to see some quick results at least.

  2. Er, Ofili, abeg abeg abeg, where in Eastern Nigeria can i get your books without having to take the online route?

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