Nobody Is Going To Give You A Perfect Time To Write

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Nobody is going to give you a perfect time to write that article or sketch that sketch.

The stars won’t align, NEPA won’t corporate and fuel scarcity can’t give 2 gallons of f*cks. And even when you finally find time … your ideas might be on vacation.

So stop waiting for the perfect time, or the perfect condition, or for the night wind to cool your skin at that perfect writing temperature. Its rarely going to happen.

Instead you have to learn to write in the blistering heat, with sweat dripping under your armpit and into the laptop, with the loud blares of generators rattling your skull. You might feel that your work might be compromised under those conditions, but the actual compromise is never getting your work out!

ARTICLE: Written by me for me as I work through 3 crazy weeks that have seen me stop blogging regularly.



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