Why The #Nigeria Government Needs Some Training On The Word IMPATIENT #NIS

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revxOur Federal government really needs some vocabulary training on the word IMPATIENT!

I mean…10 or more Nigerians die in a nationwide stampede that involved 2 million Nigerians applying for less than 5000 positions and the first thing the Minister says is that they…the applicants died from IMPATIENCE! Impatience from what?

  • Impatience from graduating from University after 9 years because your University was constantly on strike?
  • Impatience from staying jobless for years even with your Masters degree?!?
  • Impatience from sitting around daily doing nothing while NEPA tortures you with no light?
  • Impatience from being told to be an entrepreneur to create your own job, only to be told that you have to come up with your own capital as well?
  • Impatience from working 9 to 5, 6.5 days a week at a job that you hate but one that pays you barely enough to maintain your receding non-existent standard of living?
  • Impatience from being sexually harassed at the job interview you managed to find because that’s the standard way to get in wink wink….
  • Impatience from queuing for an entire day so that you could buy diluted petrol at inflated prices?

Let me tell you something Interior Minister Mr. Abba Moro…those Nigerians were not impatient, they were desperate…desperate to live a normal life…desperate to live the Nigeria dream that the government has so denied them.

They needed those jobs badly and the last thing they need is for you to tell their parents that their children died from IMPATIENCE. Because the truth is that those people were not impatient in fact they are too patient.

But one day…one day that patience will run out…so the next you Interior Minister issue a statement, exercise some patience and conduct yourself in a orderly manner before jumping to issue a statement!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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24 comments on “Why The #Nigeria Government Needs Some Training On The Word IMPATIENT #NIS

  1. Chijioke on said:

    Mr. Abba Moro(n), the blood of those youths are in your hands.

    What happened on Saturday is enough to trigger a youth revolution in any sane country. But in ours We see it as normal. Life goes on as usual. The Nigerian youth is not brave enough. #Fact

  2. Kodili on said:

    Yes tell them, that patience will run out one day…pls if you can, repeat it at the economic summit as well. If they can’t make things work out in the country, then we’d prefer if they kept quiet. No, they shouldn’t keep quiet ( that will incite more anger) but they should mind their language. By the way, why did you keep us waiting for long….we’ve been looking forward to your post:)

  3. Kodili on said:

    Also, checkout thisday newspaper today, there are 2 full page messages congratulating Hajia Bola Shagaya on her inauguration as a delegate to the National conference. What a joke!!!

  4. Nneka on said:

    I wish there was a way the so called Minister will see this piece. It’s only in Nigeria that a Minister will make such senseless statement and get away with it. They knew about the crowd and yet they didn’t make necessary arrangements ( they were only interested in the billions they will make) to manage and conduct the interview which would have been difficult to achieve in a stadium.

  5. It’s so sad that after two days of the incident, the minister came out with such an insulting excuse or reason for the unfortunate incident.

    Impatience!!! The Nigerian youths have really been patient.
    How can they invite such a number of candidates for a limited number of positions. It’d so sad. Is this how things should be done in a civilised nation??????

  6. Ofili, God bless you,
    Impatience, there was no better excuse.
    They had better pray that these youths dnt really get impatient

  7. chidi on said:

    The only excuse he could com up with was”iimpatience” after soo long. Anyway, I’ve ceased to be amazed by the so called Nigerians in power. People just spun nonsense after nonsense verbally.
    I believe we can ever only effect a change if we the youths become “impatient”. Impatient with the state of unemployment;, impatient with the incessant hike in transport cost, impatient with the wait 4 good governace, impatient with the deplorable state of hospitsls & never ending syrikes of hospital staff, impatient wen people die & the govt can not come upthe cause of ddeaths, prevention in the future & punishment where necessary…………………
    Till we become impatient with a system that cannot account 2 us, senseless comments wil continue being made by senseless ministers

  8. Sad! Very Sad! A ‘jobless’ friend of Mine travelled all the way to Enugu from Lagos only to spend all day at the stadium without even smelling the paper! I simply don’t understand this anymore. A country where a so-called minister of interior will successfully dupe millions of jobless Nigerians with so much impunity and still boldly come out to make lousy comments on TV. Smh

  9. Olivia on said:

    Gbam! You nailed it right on the head. Impatience my foot when over patience wan kill us. Example: I’ve been patiently trying to wash my blanket for three days now. Electricity too low to carry the washing machine for more than 30 mins at a time. Fuel to expensive to use a gen to do the washing. No power to wash it by hand. No money to take it to the laundry man. Call me foolish but I am patiently waiting on NEPA like say I be orphan for my own country.

  10. chydee on said:

    It is annoying. I’m so saddened when I wonder what Nigerians have done wrong to deserve all these.

  11. Amaka on said:

    We are too complacent in this country. We foolishly accept so much rubbish from the idiots in government. The funny thing is, most people want to be like them. Stealing and looking down on the people you steal from.

  12. nharell victor on said:

    I dont really blame the idiot “minister of interior” afta sending their children abroad for education, and upon returning will have automatic slots @ lucrative possitions in the nations most lucrative sectors of the economy he stil had the guts 2 utter such grevious nonsense abt being inpatient! I wouldn’t even be surprised if he has slots in the immigration office for his relations cum children! Your burning in hell’s sulphur fire… Yeye man!

  13. Bisi O. on said:

    Preachhh…..Well written!! I was so disappointed when I read that the blamed the applicants for their death. I mean even if that is how you think you should be ashamed to say those words to the public!


    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Just heard he finally apologized

      “Mr chairman and distinguished senators, we are deeply grieved and saddened by the way events turned out. We express our sincere regrets once again. However, permit me to state that our patriotic desire was the pursuit of a more honest, a more transparent, a more cost effective, a more efficient and equitable platform. We sincerely made appropriate and adequate preparations for a hitch -free exercise, but as most things in administrative and human conditions, the yield curve of expected outcome is mostly undefined .My heart goes out to the families of those who have lost their dear loved ones. I sincerely sympathize with those injured. I share in their grief. I share in their pains.”

  14. This post resonates with me. And totally expresses your angst (and mine as well). Crucify the big belly man (is he paunchy self?) but don’t stop there. Hang the cross on the sodding government who keep this going. I dare say, once again, that the sons they refused to train yesterday turned out to become the bokoharams (whoops! Pls hide my address) we have today. What are we going to have tomorrow if these go on? Perhaps, Boko Thin thin boys! Lol

  15. Whose propaganda are you promoting? Lemme guess NBM fraternity. I’m sure you are one of dem and if I were working wb force I will have you investigated but if not, which I hope for. Here is a word of advice read more and know what the fist symbolic picture in your post means

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