Nigerians Are Bold? One Of The Greatest Myths Ever Told Here’s Why

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fear-981384_960_720One of the Greatest myths ever told was about the Boldness of Nigerian.

The truth is that for the most part we are not bold, most of the Nigerians I have come across are scared of almost everything. Scared of their Pastors, scared of the Government, scared of Hell, scared of their Parents … just scared.

The only time our boldness really shines like a Golden Globe Drama Series Actor is for largely inconsequential interactions.

Like screaming at that House Boy or that Gateman that forgot to greet you. Or insulting the Government over social media or in bars while downing a bottle of Orijin.

But when it comes to things that really matter, to taking real action, to speaking up against injustice … most of what I hear is silence. Well not exactly silence, but silent excuses. Excuses like:

“I know it does not make sense, but the Pastor said …”
“I know he is beating his wife, but it not good to be nosey.”
“Government has not paid us for 3 months, but if we protest they might not pay us at all.”
“I love him, but my Parents said I can’t marry him because he is not from our village…”
“Why are you stressing yourself, nothing will change.”

If Nigerians, really really spoke up boldly in large numbers about injustice and bullshit.

If we all were collectively bold and not just a few … things will be a lot different.

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7 comments on “Nigerians Are Bold? One Of The Greatest Myths Ever Told Here’s Why

  1. we’re definitely not bold, not about the things that matter. it starts from parenting and early school years (you’ve written about this) when we stifle every independent and assertive cell in a child in the guise of making the child respectful and obedient.
    It only gets worse as we get older, that is why terrible things can happen here and we’ll accept it as God’s will or other such crappy expressions.
    Adaeze latest post is Retroviral Chronicles part 5- Guilty as charged.My Profile

    • Ofili

      Very true Adaeze. We start killing our boldness at an early age with flogging and more flogging. And by the time they are old … its too late =/

  2. FortuneTall on said:

    How do u expect a grown man who has from childhood been taught to keep his opinion to himself, to start speaking up about these perceived injustices now. Our ways of bringing up children should change but I disagree with you guys @adaeze and @ofili that flogging a child makes them turn mute. All the beatings I got as a child were to correct the wrongs I had done and not so I keep quiet.

  3. I am a living testimony of such beatings… Made me so timid , u av no idea. Thank God I travelled out for studies, it was there I consciously decided to change or more like improve myself confidence etc. Now I am a Doctor and that kinda helps (at work) , somehow it’s still there somewhere. My younger sister who is much less younger is quite more outspoken even with beatings, and so maybe it also depends on how strong d individual’s will is. We can never be bold until we drop a few of those African mentality and embrace education. Thank u

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