My Old Business Card

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This past weekend I was forced to be a groomsman at a Wedding in Houston. While other groomsmen spent their time looking their sharpest and baddest, I spent most of my time arguing with another groomsman about Nigerian politics…from Buhari to BokoHaram and then back to Buhari again.

In the middle of one of our many arguments that day, he stopped as if he had remembered something! And then he reached into his coat pocket … for a split second I thought he wanted to pull out a gun as a way to silence my arguments.

But instead he pulled out an old business card. My first ever business card, which I gave to him about 10 years ago when I spoke at his University … the Texas A&M University African Students Association. He said he had found it that morning in his wallet!

I looked at the card and all the memories started rushing back…it had my old phone number as well as my clueless-what-the-heck-was-I-thinking model look.

MY OLD BUSINESS CARD designed 2005

business card

10 years ago I was not sure how to design a business card or how to do a photo-shoot, but I just went out and made one. To be honest everything I did back then as a speaker was experimental and accidental. It was not my best, but I just did something and went ahead with it.

I mean I would drive to different organizations with no idea what to say or how to say what I did not even know to say. But every time I showed up, I did not chicken out or let the doubt overwhelm me. And because I showed up, I got better, my voice pitch improved, my body movement, my thought process, my ability to deal with unplanned events … everything improved. It did not happen over night!

And as I look back at my speaking career, I realize that it was just like my old business card over the years it got better and now my new business card is so much sexier better. All because I experimented 10 years ago.

So make sure you get shit done today, even if you feel uncomfortable or scared just do it … so that 10 years later you can reminisce on how far you have come. Be awesome!

MY NEW BUSINESS CARD designed 2015

new business card

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10 comments on “My Old Business Card

  1. I believe that first uncertain step is crucial, that marks the beginning but what forms the core of the success story is not giving up.
    Even when doubts, criticisms & self doubt rear their ugly heads, the ability to go on doing that which you believed in the first place, thats what gets u to the stars.
    chidi latest post is Thank God for PovertyMy Profile

  2. *wide grin*
    Bigger and better. I like that. The new business card is all shades of sexy by the way.

  3. Very inspirational, Ofili. The thing about dreams is not the lack of them or the chasing, it’s the ‘not quitting’ when all the odds are stacked against you. It’s the ‘carrying on’ when the excitement has waned and all your supporters have grown silent.

    It’s persevering in the face of discouragement, disbelief and doubt.

    Well done and thanks for sharing so that others can be inspired.
    Okan’ube latest post is Mami-Wọta Made My Hair [II]My Profile

  4. Aha… This caught my attention. I’m so proud of you have been reading your articles sorry stealing. This got me commenting. You have a hug fan base in my house. Kudos

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