My Sexy European Photoshoot

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Sup people…I am going to Europe for the first time EVER this weekend. Well, it’s not really the first time…I have been to Switzerland, Germany and Holland…But this is the first time they are actually letting me out of the airport (praise Jesus). 

I will be in Holland to meet up with the Whats Up Africa media team … you remember that job I told you about here: How Blogging Got Me A Dream Job Writing Political Skits well that’s it. I am quite excited … they would be running us through several comedic writing classes as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

And o we have a photo-shoot on Monday, and something funny happens every time I have a photo-shoot. Zits start popping up all over my face. Yesterday there was one on my forehead, this morning there was another one on my nose. I think my zits want to get in on the photo-shoot action…ha. So I drew a picture of them below…

collage board

PS: Oh and I will be in Hilversum, Holland so if there are any ofilispeaks fans in….wake up Ofili you are not LindaIkeji!


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8 comments on “My Sexy European Photoshoot

  1. Princesa on said:

    Oh well, I guess I’d be at the MMA waiting for you when you return. You’re gonna return right? ???

    Lol…safe trip

  2. Hahaha…welcome to the ‘photobomb by zits’ photo shoot. I know the feeling first, second and third hand!
    Hope you have a wonderful time and if your European journey bring you to Obodo Eliza, let us know.
    Safe journey!
    Okan’ube latest post is Ofilispeaks…to meMy Profile

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