My 500th Blog Post: Nigerian Police Be Like

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It has been quite a fun and amazing journey since I started blogging in 2005ish. One blog after the other, one sketch after the other and boom the 500th published post happened. And interesting enough it is directed to my favorite friends in Nigeria…the Nigerian Police officer. Who exhibit the sleekest methods to collect bribe without collecting bribe.


But the 500th post should be special and as such should not be clogged up by the Nigerian police…

I have always loved the Ellen DeGeneres show, how she makes people happy by giving, by sharing and by just caring. So I decided, what best way to celebrate my 500th blog post than to give out N500,000,000…o wait I am not Dangote. What about N500,000 … emm I am not on that Linda Ikeji money.

So we will just be giving out only N50,000! Na wetin I get o.

So here’s how it would work. In the comments section below, tell me about someone residing in Nigeria that really deserves and needs some little help. The only catch is that that person cannot be you! It has to be someone different. And don’t go and be creating fake profiles #GodIsWatchingYou

One person may get the entire money or it could be 2 or 3 people … it depends. All I ask is that you be honest with it and keep it a secret from the person so that we can do an Ellen DeGeneres  type surprise…be awesome people!

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95 comments on “My 500th Blog Post: Nigerian Police Be Like

  1. keiskwerd on said:

    I want to offer my sincere appreciation to Ofili and to all those who identified with my patient’s story…
    Because of you, a family can smile, can eat today and save for tomorrow as opposed to paying for the debts of yesterday….
    I have a tendency to get mushy…but suffice it to say I was in tears when I got the confirmatory mail that Jennifer was the choice. I feel humbled serving as a link to this smile(Maybe these events were preordained, cos I’m not a regular mail checker and even when I check, when expecting a mail, I may not open n read others. On this day, I actually saw the mail for a new post and read it, (maybe I was looking forward to one interesting police satire

  2. keiskwerd on said:

    I pray that for every other story that made the blog, God would prepare agents of help for them and meet each one’s needs in time.
    For Ofili, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard of before what God has in stock for u. I pray that ur innermost desires would always be a priority for God. As u give back to society, may society never turn it’s back on u. May you ride on the wings of kindness and favour. May your words set u apart from your generation, ur muse never go on leave n ur candles never burn out before your legend.
    To all who supported this cause financially or had plans to but have not the means to fulfil such desires, may the Lord replenish ur purse and make u lenders to nations.Amen

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