Most Great Ideas Happen On The Toilet Seat

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So for the past year I have been working on completing my second book (yay!). One of the things I had not quite nailed down yet was the book title…based on the success of the title “How Stupidity Saved My Life” I wanted to find something equally catchy and even more riveting. So as the book came closer to becoming a finished reality I had to push myself harder for a title. I have had several in the past year “Lead, Follow or Get The Heck Out of The Way” and “Kick-Ass marketing: How to knockout the competition without killing your clients.” But none of them seemed to be doing it for me. So one hot Sunday afternoon (FACT: every Lagos Sunday afternoon is hot and Sunny) I set out to my favorite hang-out spot (Location withheld for security reasons) and began my usual cycle of brainstorming for a book title. But as usual nothing seemed to be working out…I was erasing more than I was writing. Frustrated and not getting anywhere I succumbed to the call of nature and headed to toilet to ______ . And then the funniest thing happened, I began churning out ideas like crazy…chapter ideas…chapter transitions and best of all a book title that was riveting and catchy! This is not the first time that sort of inspiration has hit me at such an inopportune time…In fact this morning, while on the toilet seat  the sketch idea on the right popped into the toilet bowl my head…enjoy

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