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My eyes struggled to make out the blinking red figures on the alarm clock. It was 7:00 am. I knew I had to get up, but I could not move. My body was paralyzed and my skin felt at least a 100 degrees hot. The pain in my throat reaffirmed my fear, I had a fever. I lay in bed for several minutes searching for strength to get out of bed. My first destination? My computer…

I was addicted to my computer, it was the first thing I turned on when I came home and the last thing I looked at before I slept. And even when I was away from my computer I poked feversihly at my cellphone. A day away from my computer was simply unimaginable.

My computer booted up as it usually did, a dark background overlapped with the colorful windows XP logo. But this time the screen was frozen, unresponsive to any action from either my mousepad or keyboard. I attempted to reboot the computer and again the same thing happen, but this time a pop-up  that read “trojan.exe” flashed acoss the screen…I had a fever and so did my computer! Being a computer novice, I knew it would be days before my computer would be fully functional.

By the next morning my fever had subsided and as predicted my computer was still out of order. Returning home from work that day I could not help but stare at the glass desk where my dead computer now lay. My eyes travelled across the desk and landed finally on the bare wall behind it.  The wall was a collage of colors, a permanent recording of my unfinished summer painting project. It was covered with white paint primer, red worn-out paint and multiple patches of brown paint. The wall reflected ugliness. An ugliness that I somehow had ignored for months. I had been meaning to complete the project, but I never found enough time. For 3 months I stared at an unfinished wall, seemingly blinded from the ugliness by the light pulses from my computer monitor. Secluded now from the blinding distractions of my computer I proceeded to begin my long overdue project. Armed with 2 paint rollers and cans and cans of paint I proceeded to revamp my walls. Within 24 hours, I had completed the entire lower floor of the house. Somehow I had been able to find the time that had eluded me for the past 3 months?

As I think now about the unfinished wall I am reminded about the many unfinished moments in life. Moments with family, moments with loved ones, moments to smile are instead spent obsessing over inanimate objects. I recall my visit to the popular HOUSTON’s restaurant for a birthday dinner. As I entered the building I observed a large sign with the words “CELLPHONE CALLS NOT ALLOWED.” I wondered why the sign was placed there. Was it a company policy? Or was it just to filter out customers? Whatever the reason was I proceeded to powerdown my cellphone as I was led to my seat. I don’t know what it was but during that dinner I had one of the best conversations I had ever had, no distractions just a strong focus on the moment.

Unfortunately a lot of us miss out on the oppurtunity to enjoy special moments like that. Instead we spend our time focused on inanimate electronic devices, blinding ourselves away from the real world around us. The next time you go out turn off your cellphone and see what difference it would make in eliminating your unfinished moments.

Okechukwu Ofili
Africa’s #1 Success Coach
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