O’s Success Tips: Stay True To Yourself

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A tin mill worker was falsely accused of stealing a bucket of nails, he denied it vehemently but nobody believed him. Frustrated he jumped into a turbulent river and stayed there proclaiming his innocence. A crowd formed urging him to come out but he stayed, never coming out, eventually succumbing to the power of the river.

“Why would an innocent man let himself die,” I thought to myself. I must admit I never could quite figure it out, his death turned my dreams into nightmares. Everyday I woke up searching for an answer but nothing. Then it happened, he was there in my dreams smiling, content and happy. So I asked him the question. The one that had haunted my dreams. Why? And his answer..his answer made me think.

“I’d rather die in truth, than live a lie.”

A friend of mine faced a similar dilemma. She had always dreamed of being a published author ever since she was 13 years old. In the past 5 years she had sent numerous queries to publishers all across the nation and all she ever received were hundreds and hundreds of rejections letters. Letters that made her question her writing ability. However, in the fall of 2007 she received a different letter, it was from Publish America, they were interested in publishing her book! Her lifelong dream had finally come true, but she turned it down. Why would someone who had spent so much time and effort turn down an opportunity of lifetime.  I must admit I was confused, in my mind it was simply inexplicable. I searched for an answer and anticipated a response that would require a small dose of my wisdom. But instead her response silenced my thoughts.

The edited copy that was to be released by Publish America was a complete overhaul of her original work. All the characters had been changed and the storyline completely redefined. She faced a tough decision, put the name Sadiat Abdulmalik on the cover of a manchurian book to fulfill her dream or fight for the purity of her work at a risk of losing it. She chose the latter, deciding to stand her ground for what she believed in. A belief that her name would be boldly written on a story that was truly hers and not an industrialized distorted version of her work.

Unfortunately, there are only a few people in today’s society willing to follow in the foot steps of Sadiat Abdulmalik. Instead people have traded their high ethics and moral standards in return for instant fame and fortune. Marion Jones was one of those who got involved in the instant fame trade. At the 2000 Olympic Games she set records for the most number of medals for a female athlete, a total of 5 medals. She was heralded as one of the greatest athletes ever. Today nobody mentions her name without feeling a deep sense of remorse and betrayal. Her resplendent smile has been replaced with an all too familiar crown of shame. Shame stemming from her confessed use of steroids..All her records erased from history books and her name plunged into a murk of oblivion. And why? Because she allowed her dreams overshadow her morals.

If faced with a Sadiat or Marion dilemma, will you be driven by ethics, or by the blinding desires of your dreams?” I hope you choose the former, because a dream built on misguided ethics, will always succumb to the deafening winds of conscience.

Okechukwu Ofili
Africa’s #1 Success Coach

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