Nigeria…Leaving It To God Since 1960

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So unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the Ese Walter story. If not, google Ese Walter. Now back to the story…

Ese Walter on Thursday of last week alleged that she had an intimate 1 week affair with her Pastor…Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. The whole world (including third world and first world citizens) waited eagerly for the pastor’s response and they were not disappointed. At least if you are a Nigerian, you were not. It was the classic leave it to God response, embellished with occasional screams from an adoring congregation as the pastor made empty statements like:

God told the Israelites to keep quiet. For 7 days don’t talk ~ Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo #COZA — ‘Seun Salami (@SeunWrites) August 25, 2013

When we asked God, God said be quiet. Thank you! ~ Pastor Biodun #COZA — ‘Seun Salami (@SeunWrites) August 25, 2013

If God tells you don’t fight for yourself, don’t fight for yourself because you will spoil what God wants to do ~ Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo #COZA — ‘Seun Salami (@SeunWrites) August 25, 2013

If we could summarize his speech it would be God said I should leave it to Him. Leaving it to God? The classic bail out line used by Nigerians all the time…but who is this God we are leaving things for?

Is it the same God that stood and watched as thousands of African slaves were brutally abused and dehumanized under the biblical words of 1st Peter 2:18-25….slaves be loyal to your masters even the harsh ones? Or was it the same God that Martin Luther King conjured in his I have a dream speech when he said it was time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children? Talking about God’s children…

Was it the same God whose very own special child Lola Akindele saw in her dream for 2 years straight? The one who ensured that she was given bread and not pounded yam at 3am? The one she gloriously quoted several times before notifying the world that her new book “Papa’s LITTLE Girls” is about to come out, just in case you wanted to buy it?

Was it the same God that dwelled over the August 4th Sunday service in Delta state. As Reverend Iweh Godspower urged the congregation to emulate James Ibori. The same Ibori who is still serving jail terms in London prison for fraud? The same Ibori who robbed Delta state blind, but is still ironically cheered upon by the very own people he robbed? Was it that God? And o while we are on criminal and crooks, let us not forget Dimeji Bankole, was it the same COZA God that presided over his welcome home service after over $1 billion was discovered in his UBA account?

Or is it the same God in our Nations National pledge? The God that is meant to help us serve Nigeria with all our strength, the God that is meant to help us defend her unity and the God that is there to help us uphold her honor and glory? Because if it is, where was he when Lloyd, Ugonna, Chiadaka and Tekena the aluu4 victims called upon his name, only to be torched to death by an angry mob. Was He absent?

I think not…I think He was there…amongst us. Yelling to us to take action, but someone probably said…the lazy words…the sell out words…the words used to protect the cowardly…leave it to God. So they left it to God and then blamed it on the Devil.

That has become the irony of life in Nigeria. Leaving everything to God and taking little or no responsibility as we act in the words of Lagbaja like mumu’s.

Your husband is beating you…don’t worry leave it to God. LASTMA slapped you and your girlfriend…don’t worry God will provoke on your behalf. Pastor molest you…ah leave it to God…God will judge him. Everything is left to God.

Reminds me about that joke about the Nigerian man who throws up money in the sky and says that God can take what he wants. But God does not take any, it just falls down to earth and we laugh at the joke. But the joke is on us as, as anyone with an imagination is able to create their version of what God told them to suite their very situation…whether it is to promote slavery, to sell a book or dodge a sticky adulterous situation. They throw up bullshit, disguise it in scriptures and soon people are munching it up as the new shit! Bathing in the shit…rolling all over the shit and even tweeting the shit.

As in the case of #COZA…people jumping up and down but failing to realize that the pastor has not faced the issue, he has simply conjured a series of scriptural verses and passages to deviate from the point. The same alleged tactic he used on Ese, is magnified on an entire congregation. And before you know it, one month will pass, maybe two and soon Ese Walter will be forgotten and Pastor will be cruising abi flying again…just like DANA airlines. Simply because we chose to leave it to HIS God! #ShineYourEyesNigeria

PS: Before you judge me…God told me to write this article.

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56 comments on “Nigeria…Leaving It To God Since 1960

  1. This is so on point. It is unfortunate that this is what we have become in Nigeria- a bunch of people with brains just for decoration. For some reason, we have turned pastors into gods of men, instead of who they really are- Men . Also, we, Nigerians, are a people who don’t like to take responsibilities for anything. Like you said, we prefer to pass the bulk- most times to God. The day we wake up , pay attention and learn to use our God given brains (which by the way He gave us so we can give him some rest), we will be the better for it. Kudos Ofili, keep giving us things to think about.

  2. @oluwakemifully on said:

    Hahaha! Sad but hilarious. We’ve chosen to leave with the illusions that pastors are untouchables. We traditionally nod our heads sporadically to their idea of leaving it to God. Simply an easy way of dodging an accusation without outrightly denying it. Just in case the accusers vex and releases the evidences. Or maybe in a bid not to offend God the more. Chai! I’m sure God is shaking his head at us. Saying I SMH for you all o ya black people.

  3. Dami Thorpe on said:

    I used to think I was the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous for us a people to be enveloped in some facade called religion. Thank goodness there is a mouth piece or sorry a hand piece~ whatever, in Ofili. Lol. Sincerely, I’m very much christian, but I am no fool to be deceived by the charade of “live it to God” dilemma. It’s time like you mentioned stand for what’s right, and God be represented for who He really is. A good God that stands for justice and equity.
    PS: pastor biodun come out striaght. Did you do it or not? Simply yes or no!

  4. Ursula on said:

    Kai!!!…I soo love you right now…the earth which God lovingly gave to us to have dominion over is now being handed freely to the devil and his cohorts and we guise it with the smelly ‘leave it to god’ tactic…I’m so sure,as you are,this is not what my God would’ve wanted…not at all…

  5. Femi Adeoti on said:

    on point bro! It’s an irreponsible religion that leaves the things we should do to God. As human beings, we’ve got to play our part.

    if we dont tend our gardens, they will grow weeds and there’s nothing God can do about it. That’s the situation with Nigeria today. Somebody said we’re religious but we’re not spiritual.

    Little wonder it’s in the third world countries that leave everything to God that ignorance and poverty thrives the most ? That are always dependent on foreigh aids, that live in abject poverty in spite of the riches that have been deposited in those countries ?

    We’re a bunch if very gullible people.


  6. Diddie on said:

    #God told me to make a comment

    This is like the case of suffering and smiling,Nigerians are very religious yet very dubious….it takes a person of pure conscience to hit the nail on the head…

  7. Ofili, how can I judge you now? Since God told you to write the article. Well, I’ll leave it to God to judge you…lol

    Seriously though, it’s about time people stopped using the Bible or biblical reference as a cover-up for atrocities and stupidity. Christians to take time to study the bible and understand it for themselves. Not depend on being spoon-fed by someone else’s interpretation.

    You should check out my latest post about the misconceptions around the popular “touch not my anointed” verse.

    Niaja, shine ya eye!
    Segun latest post is The Lie “We” Preached From The Pulpit….My Profile

      • zugwai katung on said:


  8. I think this is different levels of deep… The irony of the whole situation is when the next bad/OMG scandal pops up, we all are going to move on to it…

    Nigeria different layers of scandal, that we get so immune to it, so we begin to prioritise scandals…
    and donate to society our words of encouragment.. it is well vs leave it to God.

    We have yet to realise that God gave us a brain.. a working one at that..

    and i conclude this by been true to myself and taking full responsiblity for my closing remark because in reality that is how i would normally end such comments….

    God help us!
    Stella latest post is My SighMy Profile

  9. Ofili, you hit the nail on the head. This “leave it to God” mentality is crippling Nigerians and its about time we take action, no time for sit-down-look!!!

  10. Lol @ God told you to write this article. You have spoken my mind, I was recently tweeting how it annoys me that Nigerians can be so passive at times and adopt a “lets pray for Nigeria without doing anything ourselves” approach to solving our nation’s problems as if this God will come down and solve them without using human beings. The way I see it even if there is a God he gave us brains and free will to deal with issues not so we can pass the buck back to him at every turn.
    Sir Farouk latest post is Nice/Shy Guy = No Game? Do nice guys finish last?My Profile

  11. Well said.

    As an Agnostic/former Christian, I couldn’t agree with the sentiment of this post more.

    The very same religion that was used to enslave us is the same one that the enslaved, brainwashed people turn to for salvation from enslavement, both physical and mental.




  12. Kayode on said:

    Good write up, Dami………..What a country we live in….Intentionally steal, commit corruption, act wickedly against one’s neighbour but still says, let’s leave it to God…..Father, have mercy on this country called NIGERIA

  13. revelation hunter on said:

    Good point about responsibility. Very well put.

    Afotey Annum;

    Christianity did not enslave anyone. People enslave people. People use things, which sometimes includes religion to do whatever they want to do. Just like you chose to be agnostic – I think it’s not the best for you – everyone, can choose to be who they want to be. Blaming religion, is similar to what Ofili just wrote about; lack of responsibility/ownership of our choices.

    • exactly! agnostic/communist communities have also wrecked havoc in the name of agnosticism. People will always find an excuse for their evil. Religion didn’t enslave people, people enslaved people.

  14. Margaret on said:

    Very Hilarious but thought provoking! I really agree that we have become so lazy and afraid to take action on certain things we tend to shift all d responsibility to GOD while we sit back and watch 4ever and keep wondering why things will not change.. well done Ofili!

  15. Gloria on said:

    Hey Ofili,

    Niccceeee….very niiccceee but as usually “we Nigerians” will leave ur article to God….lol …just kidding oo..pls
    I dont know if u’ve heard abt or seen this article a british man wrote abt Nigerians? Its quite lenghty cos its abt everything he has learnt abt Nigeria and Nigerians in 3yrs but it full of facts in a humourous way…he even titled it “The End Of An Assignment In Nigeria By Tim Newman”. I am sure u have but incase u havent, i cud send it to u via email.. am sure u will enjoy the sacarsm behind the honesty of the article…my favourite part of the article is …………. “Nigerians are famously optimistic, but this is often through desperation. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than on the occasion when a bank put a Christmas tree up on a roundabout with “presents” at the bottom, and the next morning all the presents had been ripped open. If somebody thinks a box under a tree on a roundabout contains an X-Box, then you’ve gone way beyond optimism and into desperation or delusion”…..lemme stop typing….or talking wen i can…*runs away*

  16. Amenze on said:


    I laughed when I read the P.S on your article. I am not sure I like that you have delved into this COZA issue, (not because you don’t have a point), but because I have never considered that your blog will delve into matters afilliated to “religious” entities. It’s too dirty an issue that I didn’t want to read on your blog. Never thought of your blog this way.

    Nonetheless, I think we use this phrase as an excuse for not taking action on matters that affect us- sometimes out of laziness but at many other times, its because we want to let time run its course and reveal/decide the crux of a matter

    Bottomline: While I understand your frustration at the way things are handed by Nigerians under the disguise of- “Leave it to God”, you (Ofili)should also understand that it is not in every situation one must take action.

    P.S. Are you angry with God or Nigerians (looks like both from your article)……because God told me to drop this comment !

  17. Adeniyi on said:

    Well,I’m new here,I found your TEDx speech on bellanaija n I loved it n I read more n more of your post on Bella’s site but this is the first one I’m reading here….I would say I have a lil bit of mindset like ,but then for religion I think you should leave spiritual leaders out or are you aethist? Cos that will definitely let me know I’m choosing to start following someone who doesn’t have anything in common with me…… I wanna point out that this ain’t about pastor biodun,def. not….I’ve only listened to him once n not really the best teaching I’ve heard,nothing against him neither…..but David never made any move against Saul ,even though God wasn’t behind Saul no more, I came here to read more inspiring words from…. So lets keep it at inspiration…….
    By the way, I love the way you write….it’s so real,not too careful or overedited ,just how I like it. Kudos

  18. lollol!!! Ofili, u don craze! this is fantastic! we have taken the western “act of God” to the extreme! we can only pray for Nigeria and each one of us make a conscious effort to change

  19. “I think not…I think He was there…amongst us. Yelling to us to take action, but someone probably said…the lazy words…the sell out words…the words used to protect the cowardly…leave it to God. So they left it to God and then blamed it on the Devil.” #PowerfulTruth

    Every individual is responsible for his or her own life, and as a nation, the people are responsible for what happens. That which men permit, God will permit!

    Hopefully this goes beyond being a good read to actually provoking individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and situation.
    Moyo | Living Purposefully latest post is Habits! Understanding And Identifying Why You Do What You DoMy Profile

  20. This article speaks my mind to the t… I’ve always said that this world is full of lunatics using religion to brainwash vulnerable people…sometimes i want to shout to people “why would God give you a brain if he didn’t want you to use it??!!”. Thank you so much for putting this up!

    On another note, the sketch you drew for this article is thought provoking. Errm, could I possible steal/borrow it to use as a profile picture?Of course photo credits will be given to you.

  21. One of the very few pple who undastand the God we serve..I won’t write much cos the entire site no go reach…you re a true son of God…

    • Ofili

      awwww…I am sure God also told you to take care of those that you love. Please I need recharge card. N1500. Dalu =D

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  23. This write up speaks a lot of volume, there are so many people who need to read this and realize that even though God is the author and creator of all things he also gave man his will so you cant blame God or the devil for human actions all the time.

    “Your husband is beating you…don’t worry leave it to God. LASTMA slapped you and your girlfriend…don’t worry God will provoke on your behalf. Pastor molest you…ah leave it to God…God will judge him. Everything is left to God” This is the truth of too many people who have indeed become mumus because they dont think anything needs to be done on their part.

    It’s time people stopped leaving it to just God and start DOING.

    P.S- GOd didnt tell me to write this yet but I know he is thinking this 🙂


  25. ofili really does speak!!!!! We need to become doers, naija won’t change magically.we need to Stop ranting,pointing fingers and “leaving it to God” today and become d change we want to see. Just got hooked to ur blog. Can’t wait to get a copy of how intelligence kills. Where do I get one in Abj?

  26. LMAO at the “before you jugde me,God asked me to write this” Karl marx theory on state,religion and capitalism @ work Jare! Makes me wonder how God speak to this people sha and tell em to leave it all up to him. So ofili,I leave it to God to answer me that someday#i hope#

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