The Unstoppable Leak

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So today is one of those days where everything just seemed to go wrong and everyone just seemed to annoy me…it was as if today was the Piss-Ofili-Off-National-Holiday except that I never got the memo.

My frustration came to a boiling point when I got back home and found out that the water leak that I had been complaining about for the past 2 months had evolved from a slow trickle to an all out gusher. I completely lost it! After typing up an email letter to the landlord to express my annoyance in not so nice words such as #@$$@@ and %#%#%…I slouched on the couch thinking to myself how terrible my day had been. And then it happened, it is one of the weird things that happens with such precise timing that it creeps you out. I stumbled upon the picture of a Canadian paralympic advert, which showed how a man that lost his leg in an accident evolve from rehabilitation to running on prosthetic limb. I was blown away by the creativity in the picture, but more importantly I was slapped into the reality of the triviality of my situation! There are way more crazy things out there than a leaking roof and sometimes it takes a little picture to get us back on track. Don’t let a bad day get you down, like it did to me. Happy holidays.

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2 comments on “The Unstoppable Leak

  1. LOL @ “Happy Holiday.” For a minute there I was wondering what National holiday I was missing out on, until I figured out …. Never mind!

    Meanwhile, the paralympic story was very encouraging.

    So … What did your landlord do after receiving the e-mail? Inquiring minds want to know

  2. Evergreen Chilaka on said:

    Ofili . M.
    Having you as my friend
    has lifted my spirits, made
    my days brighter,
    allowing me to be me
    you encouraged me to
    not just
    accept each day as it
    comes, but
    to make each day count.
    Having you as my friend
    opened my heart to
    take a stand for myself
    no one else will, to expect
    Having you as my friend
    has me not lonely, but
    missing you
    greatly now that I can’t
    you as much as I’d like.
    Having you as my friend
    has been, will always be
    kept close in heart and on
    Having you as my friend
    is what I wanted, and yet
    not expected,
    Leaving others jealous.
    Having you as my friend
    and I as your friend is a
    friend that is,
    PRECIOUS. Wisdom came 4rm God mst high.

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