A Letter From A Tired, Overworked and Frustrated Lawyer

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 This week I got an awesome email from a frustrated, overworked and tired lawyer, who recently quit her job for something less stressful. I personally connected with her story…because one of the reasons I wrote “How Laziness Saved My Life” was because of the alarmingly long hours I saw a lot of my lawyer friends working. I have heard horror stories of lawyers working entire weeks without ever going home (slight exaggeration but you get the point) and some cases of female lawyers who got discouraged from having children because it would affect their fast paced lawyer lifestyle. Thus, I was extremely excited and pumped when I read the email. So pumped and and excited that I had to share (but with permission from the writer) the email with ofilispeaks.com readers. It is a quick read and I hope that you get a little motivation and push to leave that stressful job!

NOTE: Comments in red are my additions to make the email read better *cough *cough


I’m Ibiyemi, an avid fan of yours (awww). I follow you on twitter (@Aibeefash) and on Blackberry Messenger . I read How Stupidity Saved My Life earlier this year. It is a splendid (she meant to say fantastically mind blowing) book. In fact, I bought it three times because the book just kept disappearing in my room (I suspect my younger brothers! boys).

I’m currently reading How Laziness Saved My Life and its been splendid (she really has a thing for the word splendid) so far. I’m sending my entry for the Lazy Picture competition, but first, a little background information.

I’m a lawyer and was called to the bar in 2008. I’ve worked in a 1st tier commercial law firm since after NYSC. After a while, it wasn’t satisfying any longer. I was a tired, overworked and frustrated young lawyer. There just had to be an easier, better way to get things done. So I began to send out my CV/resume. Finally, I got a job as a legal adviser to an investment and financial advisory services firm. Today is actually my first day on the job (congratulations).

My entry photo was taken on the 29th of June 2012 in the library of my former office. After 4 years as a practicing lawyer and advocate, it was time to move on. I’m folding up my gown and packing up the wig. I don’t know if I’ll ever use them again, other than for taking pictures! I don’t know what tomorrow holds, neither do I know what the title of your next book will be. One thing I’m certain of is this, tomorrow will be beautiful and your next book will be an impactful best seller.

Warm Regards
Ibiyemi (the one in the middle below)

Ibiyemi is an award winning actress lawyer who is about to unleash her full potential for the world to see. To stay in touch with her you can follow her at @Aibeefash. If you have a similar experience…tell me about it and as always there is a special price for the first 2 people that comment with their experience. But you have to pick up your gift from Lagos.


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12 comments on “A Letter From A Tired, Overworked and Frustrated Lawyer

  1. lol @ you blowing your trumpet, all in a bid to make the letter better.
    Wishing her all the best in her new job and hoping this inspires others in similar shoes
    (looks at self, considers it for a second “nah, i’m still good”, walks away feeling fly)
    sisijacobs latest post is Failure to the RescueMy Profile

  2. Ibukun Oyayode on said:

    Yea. Can really feel the combination of the trio (tired, overworked and frustration), especially when the money attatched to the job is not encouraging at all. Once worked in an audit firm as an audit trainee (though an accounting graduate), with a salary of less than #20,000 ( Jan.2012). Actually thought experience was better than the pay,but waoh, i just wasn’t fulfilled. Didnt even have time and energy to send my c.v out to other places.
    Like her, i just had to back out fast for greener pastures. But wait a minute, is it that am lazy? Hmm,don’t think so! I believe my decision definitely save my life in the end.
    Once i backed out, i happened to see and behold a better offer worth all the trio (lol), in Abuja. Just like Ibiyemi,i dont know what tomorrow holds but i know my tomorrow will be beautiful.

  3. Olateju on said:

    You go girl!! I am so happy for you. I recently made the same decision and I have no regrets. The future is surely beautiful!! The problem with our beloved Nigeria is that we take what we are given. There are not a lot of jobs out there, so sadly we have to sit tight in jobs we don’t like. But with prayers and positive mindsets we will surely find the right jobs.

  4. I think Ibiyemi and I could be twins…in different continents. As a tired, overworked, and frustrated attorney myself, who also passed the bar in 2008 and fired my JOB in 2012 so I could open up my own firm, I’ve got to say….life is good on the other side of being a slave. Here’s three hearty cheers to those who take life into their own hands and ride it for all its got!

  5. www.rayenter10ment.wordpress.com on said:

    From a reseach i made, which i may eventually post on my site! I have come to discovered that 85-90 percent of people that quit their jobs, always have a course to celebrate in a short while. Many spent a good years in school reading what they don’t love-and they come out suceedin’ in other field(what they love) so if Iby has quitted her Job i think she’s in the right track. So go gal!!!

  6. HaroldWrites on said:

    Please you people should not make me feel bad…. Ofili warn them o…. Ehe, I haff talk my own….. *****slams his BB porsche on the floor****

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