How I Became A Lagos Model

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In Lagos, almost every female in her 20’s with a smile is a model or an aspiring model. As for me i’m in my 30’s so it’s safe to say my modeling career is way behind me. But just last night while doing some research playing around on the internet I stumbled upon an article. It was an article on hand modeling.  Now if there is any part of my body that is in good shape it would be my hands…I mean with all the typing and writing I do with my hands, what do you expect! My hands visit the keyboard gym everyday and can bench press an entire chapter in less than 15 minutes!

So I began to wonder…what would life be as a hand model living in Lagos? What would my favorite pose be? Maybe it would be the peace sign or the heart sign…that would be great but sadly as a Lagosian, peace and love are the furthest signs on my mind. With the hustle and bustle, crazy drivers, aggressive police officers and intermittent power supply…the one phrase I find myself always uttering is “I feel like punching somebody!”

Sadly, fighting is not good in the hand-modelling business. So instead of punching people, I took my anger energy and converted it into creative energy and drew this sketch…

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6 comments on “How I Became A Lagos Model

  1. you see ofili, the anger expressed on paper penetrates the most. Slicing out words like sword.
    ” turning disadvantages(more like something you don’t have power to control) to advantages”- thats the message i got from this article.
    Great post as usual!!!

  2. wow!hand modelling.this is just the best way to share one’s thoughts and hope somehow that they’ll be a change.and am so liking your favourite hand pose. Nice one ofili.

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