@ofilispeaks Reader Helps Pay Medical Bill Of Car Accident Victim

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So we presented the receipt to a shocked Jennifer today.

NDU receipt

She as well as her sisters were so excited and offered prayers for the entire team.

Between my neighbor and I, We were able to present her with a bag of rice and 10,000 Naira.

Find below the pictures of the presentation. In the pictures are myself, the ward matron, CNO Nikade, the head Social worker, Jennifer and the sister who stayed with her all through.


In the course of calling the pastor (who signed as the guarantor reference here) to inform him, I found out that they were the only 2 survivors when their 18 seater bus had a fatal accident.

Since the accident upon his own discharge he had visited her weekly and provided provisions when he could. He extends his prayers. (We have awesome heroes everywhere in Nigeria)!

(Thanks to the donation of Mordi Peter, Betty Onimoe, Dr Kathleen, Dr Kathleen’s Neighbor and Anonymous Cindy. Also thanks to Sarah Omoloa and Chika Nwogu who offered to make the final N12,000 donation but we already had N82,000 complete. To everyone … keep rocking and let’s keeping making a difference and do this again without or without this blog.)

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