Just Got Invited To Speak At The Nigerian Economic Summit

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Someone in the Federal government of Nigeria must have heard my rants about NYSC or maybe they read How Stupidity Saved My Life or then maybe it was How Intelligence Kills.

Whatever the case I got a mail from Nigeria today (for the record I am in Houston) stating that I had been invited to fry plantain and egg serve on a panel to discuss Education in Abuja. Dem even talk say that GEJ go dey ground (Ofili quickly deletes article calling PDP a shitty organization…).

All joking aside…Education is something that I am dearly passionate about based on my academic struggles in Secondary school, recent experiences working in Nigeria and speaking at various Universities in Nigeria. I feel strongly that there is a huge amount of work to do to get Nigeria to the standard it was at when my Dad graduated from Ibadan Technical College in the 60’s.

So my pact to you is that when I get on the panel, that I will speak from my heart with all honesty and no sugarcoating, just like I speak to you guys here everyday, except that I will not be using shit or wtf. But I will speak sha, I know it might or might not make an impact with the latter being the most probable of the 2, but I will sha try. Because you never know, someone in the room might actually listen and make a change or I could meet someone in the room that I can team up with and create meaningful solution to our educational system.

All in all I am excited. Check out the letter below:


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16 comments on “Just Got Invited To Speak At The Nigerian Economic Summit

  1. pamela on said:

    Hmmm…when they start inviting you like this, there is fire on the mountain o, how intelligence kills was explicit enough on the reforms needed, if they are serious, they should make a positive move first, u may not know, but u have a lot of “sleeper cell” followers, you could start a movement, when u call we will respond, but if you go Abuja, those old corn are capable of corrupting angels o! remember Ruben Abati nd co…just saying sha…good luck! represent our interest well o!

  2. pamela on said:

    Well…forgive my paranoia, you need to start from somewhere jare….congratulations on the invite, all the best

  3. ‘standing before kings’? You deserve it and more, the UN general assembly? soon dearie. We’ll definitely hold you to that pact, I trust you’ll make an impact, how lasting and how reaching it will be? the trillion naira question.

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