Jobless: The Hit Album Featuring The Nigerian Government

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Microsoft Word - JoblessThe 1965 hit album JOBLESS performed by the Nigerian Youths and Produced by Corruption and Greed has just been certified 100X platinum by the Pure Water Association Of Nigeria.

The album was first recorded at the Dodan Barracks Studio in Lagos, before eventually being re-recorded with enhanced surround sound corruption system at the Aso Rock Presidential studios.

The album inspired hits such as “NEPA Has Brought Light,” “Stealing Is Not Corruption,” as well as the club banger “Coup Is Not A Crime If Successful.”

But the real power track that catapulted this album to international fame was the song “Jobless” a song that like wine has become more relevant with age … just ask the Nigerian Youths.

The album is so influential that it is fast becoming the unofficial soundtrack of Nigeria as “Jobless” is sold all across the nation in the millions and even beyond the borders of Nigeria in countries like Zimbabwe! where Jobless tops the charts.

However, the year 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the “Jobless” album in Nigeria … nobody knows if Nigerians will finally be tired of listening to the same old soundtrack or if they will finally change the soundtrack to something different. The international music industry is watching listening intently…

Microsoft Word - Jobless

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9 comments on “Jobless: The Hit Album Featuring The Nigerian Government

  1. Only if the next government can not only create jobs, but even pay greater attention to making and implementing policies that will make the environment conducive jobless Nigerians to create jobs themselves. Instead of the ‘jobless’ album, we’ll have “jobful and job-creating” multi-genre hit album that will attract top record label investors from every part of the world to Nigeria.
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  2. This is a really funny post. Well written. Hopefully, Buhari will produce a better hit record for Nigerians, so they can stop listening to this 50 year old crap.
    Shayera latest post is The BorderMy Profile

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