This Post Is Not About The Steps You Take To Be Happy

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This piece is not about the steps you take to be happy. If you’re like me then I’m guessing you would have tried them all. Did they work?

Errm, for me. Not quite. Did I remain perpetually happy and live my life like a television ad? No, I got sad again.

Take this morning, for instance. I am quite happy. I mean, my happyometer is not really off the hooks, but it’s at this stable genteel level. Why? I don’t know. I really can’t tell you. It just happens that today, I decided not to worry. That’s all. I mean I cried myself to sleep two days ago. As at then, it seemed like I might never be “happy” in my life again. Bollocks! I feel really fine now. The issues I had two days ago didn’t resolve themselves. Oh no, they’re still there. Not at the back of my mind locked in a corner, just there. Hovering around like the rest of my thoughts.

But I’m still feeling happy. I don’t know if I’ll be happy tomorrow though, I have this exam that I haven’t prepared for and from now till tomorrow, I don’t think that’s going to change. I might come back depressed from that paper tomorrow. I don’t know yet. But what I know is this…Just like blue days, happy days just happen too. Oh and did I mention that I’m totally broke with no foreseeable income in the nearest future! Yep. Stuff like this usually gets me down. But not today.

Today isn’t blue. It’s yellow or maybe white…but the key thing is that it is a happy day.

As an engineer in the “embryo,” I want to postulate a new theorem.

Your rate of happiness in a year, is equal to the amount of happy days you have in a year multiplied by 10. And your rate of sadness/bluesness is equal to the number of blue days you have multiplied by 1.

Happy=H(x) *10.
Sad=S(x) * 1.
Logic- I’m happy today, so each hour feels like 10.

Written By Jazmyne-frances

Jazmyne-frances is the latest @ofilispeaks guest blogger. Her identity is a mysterious mystery, she is 18 going on 80…some of her weaknesses are that she thinks too much, talks too much and reads too much. Jazmyne-frances has no idea who she is, but she knows who she wants to be. So far growing up has been frankly “lemony,” for her but you know what they say about lemons…watch out for her blog posts as she cuts through societal BS and straight to the guts!



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  1. Cheeomarh on said:

    For some reason I belive you felt better after writting this post. Stay strong Bro and remain happy. I’m happy to hear about Jazmyne can’t wait to read from her.

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