It Is Not That America Is Richer, They Are Just Smarter

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Ask the Average American to pay for 2 years rent up front….he can’t and he won’t. But for Nigeria we have no option…that’s the way our system is set up.

Imagine what we could do as a country if Nigerian’s could make monthly payments?

Do you know how much money will be freed up in our economy? Do you know how many people would be able to afford cars and homes? Do you know how the middle class will grow, since more people have more money to spend? Do you know how many more jobs will be generated from people having more money to invest in their ideas? Do you know how much easier life would be for a family that has to find money for a month, versus an entire year!

But instead we have a government that fails to see this as important. Instead they fight the battle of speeches and visions, but lose the battle of smartness…If only our government would focus on this glaring loop hole, we could instantaneously increase our economy 11 fold, which is basically 11-months of free money that we would gain when Nigerian’s can make payments monthly. Simple concept…but this is Nigeria…where the solutions are easy but the excuses are plenty.

PS:  Apologies for the gap in blogging. I had malaria, but when the doctors checked my blood, malaria no dey. They think its stress…so I have had to take a break. But am back!

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11 comments on “It Is Not That America Is Richer, They Are Just Smarter

  1. 1st Sir isn’t it- they are just smarter… Anyhow Sir, they are smarter and that works for them, our leaders are neither book smart or street smart, their folks didn’t stress enough the importance of intelligence 🙂

  2. Our leaders r very selfish dey really do not care abt d ordinary Nigerian, its not dat dey r not smart dey just seem 2 enjoy a life style of stupidity afterall dey travel outside d country n dey see how tins r done in developed countries. I tink many of dem need 2 leave their comfort zones n visit certain places so dat dey will knw dat dere is poverty in d land. We need dem 2 talk less n do more.Welcome back Sir!!!

  3. I think Ghana Is adopting that and their economy is quite impressive. Thank for Informing US, you know that our government are buying mansions and building houses over there, to a certain extent they are not touch by this. It’s only the common man that knows the pains of paying 2years rent at a blow. Welcome back.

    • Ofili

      Thanks Raymond. I don’t see how our economy can even start growing when people are sinking in wads of cash to save up for 2 years rent…our money never moves and the economy stagnates.

  4. I don’t think paying upfront contributes to our poor economy. Many Nigerians just lack the spirit of entrepreneurship.

    • Ofili

      that is not true. More Nigerians are forced to be entrepreneurs because of the nature of the economy. Also if you have 120,000 naira in the bank versus 12,000Naira, you will probably be in a better position to be entrepreneur.

  5. Uchendu on said:

    True Talk, Ofili! I admire your common sense and frankness. I have talked about this a lot with my dad. This truly creates a strain on capital. I don’t think it right for people to save money JUST to pay rent.

    Once again, you’ve blown me away.


  6. mAzi EmDi on said:

    good observation on just on one of the many government induced burdens on the average citizen of the failed state of Nigeria,

    bigger issue: on this one particular matter, as well as many others, how do we as a cohesive nation ( if we can call ourselves that) begin to address it or at least set forth motion to correct what we know is not sustainable?

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