Please Help Me Pick The Cover Design For My Third Book

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I think I have finally decided on a title for my third book (time to pop champagne and kill a chicken). After going through like 20 titles…I finally settled on the title HOW INTELLIGENCE KILLS US: A Critical Look At Our Dangerous Addiction To Intelligence, Religion and Respect.

I know…nothing saved my life in the 3rd book, but I promise you it is as interesting as the other 2 books that saved my Life…I promise (insert cute face).

Anyway I am trying to center in on a general idea for the cover design, I have like 3 options currently and as usual I would love love to hear your feedback. If you like a particular cover do let me know, if you hate them all, also let me know (I take criticism very well, except when you criticize Liverpool). Also let me know if you like the title.

Remember, we need to nail the title and book cover, because that means that we would have more money for us to share… great titles sell books.

All you have to do is hit the thumbs up button below if you like or the thumbs down button if you hate…if you have something to say that cannot be expressed with just thumbs then feel free to use the other fingers to type up a comment…please…

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support as always…

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72 comments on “Please Help Me Pick The Cover Design For My Third Book

  1. All three don’t appeal to me. The pictures are a bit old (atleast more than 6 months old now right?). Why not go back to the studio (if there was any), and kill intelligence? I also think the color schemes are not so cool. Maybe it’s my device, but that red(?) doesn’t look like a nice background. Now, you are going back to the s-word restrictions (shut up, sit down…) of not doing something new for the book. Are we talking about religion, respect and intelligence from the front page? Give me more options to pick from sire.

  2. kofiboachie on said:

    I wud prefer the cover with no image, just ur name wud do the trick. Anyway ive followed ur works for sometime & trust me, u good. Hope to work with u sometime soon.

  3. michael on said:

    Mr ofili sir, I so so hate d second 1,cos I feel for ur styl of rytin it doesnt suite nd it doesnt realy say “ofili wrote dis” bt I like d pic on d first 1 fink its shows more bout d title,like how we shoot ourslves in d head,bcos we fink we ar inteligent, d third well uhm, I dnt knw 4 me its jst dere,
    Nd yeah d colors I dnt rili like it, try using smetin less formal nd kinda semiformal like ur oda buks
    Hpe ma opinions help fnk u

  4. Not really feeling any of the three. I don’t think the pictures convey the thought appropriately, and the pictureless one looks textbook ish. Truthfully, I prefer the other picture, with the dunce hat and all the sticky notes in the background. Could you overlay the title on to that picture?

  5. Don’t feel any of them. I think the red does not nail it. I would prefer the cover without your image as Kenneth rightly put, the pictures are old and might be boring for those of us who are regulars.

    • Ofili

      kk…no problem. Like I said before the picture age does not bother me too much. But I will definitely look at seeing if new ones are needed. Thanks again =)

  6. I luv d one wiv U trying 2 sharpen a dozen pencils wiv one sharpener. D cover a book means a lot, I tink dat 1 is attractive n its in line wiv d title. Good luck

  7. Emmanuella on said:

    I love the red-ish background, it is catchy and draws you in (but that may be due to my dangerous addiction to red lol), so does the title. For some reason though, I prefer the last two options. Option 2 looks simple and nice, very straightforward… while option 3 really does reflect the title. Plus it adds a bit of more color. So there you go sir 🙂

    • Ofili

      Ah thanks Emmanuella. Appreciate your comment! If the red makes me rich, I will be depositing money in your account =D

    • Mr Ofili, Nice job bro. I support emmanuella on the concept of the catchy red and I don’t think you need to include your picture, your name speaks
      You can just add pictures of some intelligence work.
      Happy New Year.

  8. I’m not sure I like any. If there was a loaded gun in my face though, I’d go with option2. We’ve seen your face too many times already. Your other two books have pics of u as cover, abi?
    As per the title, errr…what’s the plan? Is “How……” your signature? #okBye

  9. Here Ofili goes again, engaging his audience in the process of production. I’m really inspired by this act. Well, the background color ‘red’ speaks volume, like danger. The title so on point! I will prefer the 3rd design, the pictures blends and stands out from the bgcolor, which makes it catchy. 1st design, you are wearing a red shirt which makes it too colorful, *aaaarrrh*. So I’ll prefer the 3rd design. Also the 1st one where you were wearing a cap would have been ok if you faced the camera, so we could see your face. Font face also on point. Ofili, I am at this stage in my book, would need your advice also, I will ping you as it unfolds. Thanks.
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  10. I personally think the first one speaks dozens bcos of the picture… was easier to notice at a quick glance than the 3rd one…(Imagine walking through a book shelve, which will u notice first?).
    Secondly, i think the title can be made brief. How about ‘INTELLIGENCE KILLS!’ (Then u can add the subtitle also)…there is something it does at a first glance; it triggers a lot of questions, very deep ones that can only be answered by reading through.
    I think you will sell more copies if u take my advice…i’ll personally help u sell them.
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  11. sally bonne on said:

    I don’t have a problem with red maybe its just this red so go for a subtle colour, anyway I would prefer you go for a colour let’s say like grey, the title ‘How intelligence just kills us” it makes ur book some sort of a series kind of thing, the rest of the title should be at the back as a summary or maybe inside cover or first page or something but not in the front page, then some sort of animation and not your pix or maybe animated u will do LOL, then your name @ the bottom, dts what I think, meanwhile keep up the good work.

  12. I am Nneka on said:

    Def the cover without the face. I think ur name and face is already out there. Let your reputation (name) do the trick

  13. Tochukwu on said:

    Hi Ofili, good job sir! Your style is unique and always on point. I like the 3rd option. Pls do not use the 2nd. It looks like ‘a serious textbook’. The picture with lots of stickers is really nice. I think you shld also try that out for the cover and let’s see.

    All the best bro.

  14. I will go with options 3, ie the one without picture, I don’t want to confuse the titles with you on the front cover with any of ur previous titles, unless of course,if u think, ur face is sales factor. My wife thinks u should go with the one where u have a gun to ur head. All the best

  15. I don’t particularly like any of them. But the second one is the worst. And i don’t think the red works. Also, you should change the picture

  16. I think red is perfect. And I’d pick the 3rd option, the one with a picture of you trying to sharpen a lot of pencils at once because it really captures the idea of the title.
    The first one with your red shirt doesn’t really work, and the second one is just bleh. A bit boring.
    And again, the red is just perfect!

  17. I didn’t read the other comments so that I won’t be biased. 🙂 Truth is I’m not sure about any of them. I don’t know what the content of the book is (although I can guess from the title) but it seems to have a bit more of a serious side to it (as per ‘a critical look’). Correct me if I’m wrong but if this is the case, then I think you need a more serious (or maybe just normal) picture rather than a comic one (which is what the two above look like to me). That also means I think you definitely need a picture. Option 2 reminds me of a textbook I had at uni.. see here:

    Plus I think a picture will make the book easier for people to recognise, especially as your popularity grows 🙂

    I’m also not really feeling the bright red/orange ‘in your face’ colour, but it may just be that textbook thing again… (or maybe the ‘in your face’ look is just what you were going for. I actually quite like the main picture (the blue one), but perhaps you could have a graduation cap instead???

    About the title, I think it’s OK, although it really does have this essay/dissertation-like feel to it. But, I guess you need to explain the whole ‘how intelligence kills us’ bit.

    Ok, I’ve gone on for long enough…that’s just my (little) opinion sha 🙂

  18. Not sure why but I’m already in love with the title and the entire concept..errm for the cover, I’ll go with the third picture. No particular reason really- just works for me.. The title is even enough to sell the book. Good luck! 🙂

  19. I honestly love d first 1, I fink it says it all,xplains d title, d third 1 ppl a likin man, ofili me I no get am o, a guy(ofili) tryna sharpend a dozen pencils all @ once, I fink it jst means he aint finkin nd jst bin dumb,(ofili no offence oo),huge fan,bt I dnt get d likin 4 d 1st one abeg mke una xplain,fnx 🙂

  20. I like the picture on the blog post with you head in ur hands with all the post its behind you better than the 3 options. Red is IMHO too bold a color to use on a book with your particular subject matter. Maybe you can do some research and get an expert opinion on colors and its effect on customer perception. Also, the cover designs seems to focus solely on intelligence and neglects the other sub themes of respect and religion. I believe you would do a great job of tying three elements within the book but the cover and title offers no hint of how you hope to marry achieve this. You are the one with two successful books so I humbly suggest you go with the simple title of “How intelligence kills us” or “Our Dangerous Addiction to Intelligence” (something along those lines) just as you succintly and smarty titled your previous successful efforts which piqued our interests and curiosity from the get go. If aint broken don’t fix it but ultimately trust your instincts in the face of our critique. Best of luck on your new project and may 2 2013 mark the beginning of the best years of your life.

  21. Jibril Shehu Gulani on said:

    Season greetings Ofili,

    1. I think the tittle is ok… Kinda a continuity of the other two books with “How”…but, I hope you are not boxing yourself. Your books all now starts with “How” I hope it will not be a challenge for you to continue to maintain the word “How” in your future books aha! Have not read the book, but I was expecting the new tittle will be “How Intelligence Saved Our Life” anyway, it depends on what is all about ~just kidding!
    2. I think the first option is apt…the red colour connotes danger which is associated with the “Kill” in the tittle and the shoot on the head killing the “Intelligence” in our head. Good illustration! I think we can judge this book from the cover. Waiting for the next book titled “How Ninja Saved Our Lives” ahaha!


  22. The red n orange works 4 me, the title works also, the picture……urmmm brrrrp!!!. I honestly think u need a new picture, one with u (mayb looking dizzy or beaten or just normal sef), partly consumed food, stack of books, a laptop, search engines (wiki, google, bing etc) displaying a difficult or mayb A made up word sef (say trianulapopolaisis or sth), a jotter with lots of canceling or a crazy science equation, Just nicely blended together. something serious yet fun n funny at d same time……that’s ur signature. My hand dey pain me….lol!

  23. Abimbola Ajibola on said:

    I prefer the first one ‘cuz to me it relies the title of the book in a satirical way. The cover interprets our over “sabi attitude” in a subtle way. You may need to work more on the colour separation, I noticed it’s a bit dark and not so bright.

  24. Sorry, but I *thumb down*’d all three. The red just brings out the wrong emotion. It’s rather unpleasant. Your trigger finger pic is an appropriate one, but maybe with different background cause you do have to [INSERT CUTE FACE]. Lol. You didn’t think you did it all on smarts, did you? Muhahahah! (at thought of glass ceiling for men). Keep putting stuff together for the cover, you’ll find it. If people have all three books on the shelve (physical or digital) what colors would complement eachother? (as people like when its a serie) White–>yellow–> …green?

  25. Olawale Adisa on said:

    The thrid option perfect, the caption soo on point, the guy must really be intellgent to have wanted to sharpen 12 pencils with one sharperner, its good because that just draws a prospecting readers attention.

  26. None of them speaks to me. None of them pops! I’m not a fan of the color, and that design you have on the third cover is already everywhere. Something original would be nice. I voted for the third, but ehhh. I am looking forward to reading the book though. So sorry, I know I wasnt very nice. Tough love though…..right?

  27. Fletcher on said:

    Of the three options, the one with your pic looks better. However, u may want to include some buzzers like ITK (ie I too know); or take d pic with you looking well-dressed, yet drunk, with bottles labelled with items like GEO-Physics, Psychology, MBA, MSc, etc to suggest that U’re having enof. I still need you to be caught in a single pic with all these, yet ‘stupid’, somehow. Still thinking 4u though…!

  28. I’d loose the images.. the title/name work very well.

    The titile/subtitle kind of throws me off though. The title is on “Intelligence”, then the subtitle talks adds religion and respect, which leaves me trying to make a connection btw those and the main topic “Intelligence”. Or maybe my intelligence has killed my ability to understand the title 🙂

  29. clay Offoboche on said:

    I’ll suggest you use a diagram of the human brain for your cover. Contact me for a sample you could adopt or adapt.

  30. I agree with Clay about the brain diagram,probably merge it with the option 4.some stickers can be on the brain,your picture covering your face would remain by the side without the cone hat sha. And you could still use the red background

  31. Un1nhibit3d on said:

    Lesson in never asking people for opinions. We can be harsh with criticism. So i’l just say the corny (I know its corny) ”follow your heart”. Lol. Guess it doesn’t help. I’ll come back when I’m done reading your back issues.

  32. ademola daniels on said:

    The last option is it for me.
    Nothing sells the title than you trying to sharpen such numbers of pencil.
    However, you can enlarge the picture to fit into the size of the book……

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