The Americanah 2000 Downloads Challenge

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I apologize for my lack of blogging and drawing in the past few days. I recently got kidnapped moved to Houston (sad face) but will be back to Nigeria faster than you can say UP NEPA. In that time I have also been working on  a top secret little side project called okadabooks…

Several months ago we started a journey with okadabooks to try and change the way Nigerians read books. In the those past months, we have visited various offices, corporations, publishers and even their warehouses trying to convince people on the feasibility of okadabooks in Nigeria. And in instances where we could not visit people physically we sent them proposals via email. Over that time we must have interfaced with over 100 people/organizations and every time we plug okadabooks, we start off with the words…

Imagine a world, where a Nigerian kid in a remote village can read the latest Chimamanda’s book on their mobile phone seconds after its release. A world where a primary school student with no access to books can enjoy Chinua Achebe classic “Things Fall Apart” without ever seeing a library. A world where any Nigerian with a mobile phone can instantly get access to the best of African literary writing all from the comfort of their couch! Imagine that world!

2 months ago those words were nothing but an imagination some sort of hope that we could do something not yet done in Nigeria. But today those words became reality as we (@okadabooks) now have Chimamanda Adichie’s novel AMERICANAH on our mobile platform (talk about dreams coming true). Now we did not get the entire novel, but what we got is enough proof for us to know that top publishers like Farafina are interested in the platform…but we need to increase that interest even more…

To do this we would need a bit of help from you…if we can get 2000+ downloads of the Americanah book here at within a week we can go back to the publishers @farafinabooks and make a case for them to put the remaining parts of the book on the platform so that more Nigerians can have access to it. But this is only possible is if we can drive the numbers up on the free version at Don’t believe, then see what @farafinabooks said:

All you have to do is download the book on your android device, but if you don’t have an android device, you can steal one or better yet get a friend with an android to download it. If you don’t know anyone with android phone you can tweet about it for us and if you don’t have twitter you can just pray for us.

Let’s make 2000+ downloads a reality! Download AMERICANAH here

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11 comments on “The Americanah 2000 Downloads Challenge

  1. Great news! I’m sure we’ll all make it happen! ‘I have a dream that one day okadabooks will be the biggest ebook source, bigger than the kindles, the kobos, the aldikos’ can I hear an Amen?

  2. Ofili, don’t try it again. Don’t! My heart literally just stopped. Kedu udiri “kidnap” nke a buzi? No try am o. Meanwhile, hope you have an android device for me to steal. Great idea okadabooks!!!

  3. Just stumbled on ur book on d okada website and I loveeee u already. Thanks for being yourself. Thanks for making us think. Thanks for making us happy. Good luck in all u choose.

  4. Good work!!! I read How Laziness Saved My Life some weeks ago and fell in love with it! You’re an awesome person and a great role model for young Nigerians who are scared to execute ideas for fear of rejection. I wish you the best in everything!! PS: Okada books is a GRRREAT Idea! 😀

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