Imagine There Are No Countries And No Religion Too

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So this Sunday morning I was driving on ipod shuffle mode when IMAGINE by John Lennon came on ….

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

And that song brought back memories to the very first time I heard it. And every time I hear it,  it is the same thought that runs flies through my head… what if there was no countries and no religion? Imagine that!

I think I know what it will be like. No boko haram, no ISIS, no Ukraine Separatists, no Fake Pastors, no deluded extremists …. I think the world will be a peaceful place … but hey its only my imagination. 


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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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14 comments on “Imagine There Are No Countries And No Religion Too

  1. The state of Nature is more brutish and cruel. State or government, which is what you mean by country(I suppose) is a necessary institution. If not, I wonder what would have become of mankind. Also Religion is just as important as a state. Religion plays a very crucial role in a state,even though do alwz notice it. Why don’t we rather imagine a state without religion? Lol
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  2. Chuks Onyekpere on said:

    No countries! Are you reffering to a single world government or sheer anarchy? None would solve the problem of violence. Religion, I agree, begins to outlive it’s usefulness. However, we would still have needed a means of teaching mankind morality in the first place. I can definitely say, the grass is not greener on the other side

  3. Funny enough, if there were no countries or religion, the world most likely will still be what it is now, or as close as it can get. Wouldn’t solve the problem.

  4. Religion and the presence of demarcation(aka Countrywise) is not the problem, Human Nature is.

    This is quite amusing to read because I’m assuming this is from your perspective plus that of John Lennon as you stated. lol. Anyways, let me tell you my own POV or imagination from this post.

    If you’re saying all religions, we’ll be looking at all, not only the two you seem to have ‘issues’ with as you listed in the comment above. This is inclusive of Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism and all the rest. Let’s not go there though.

    I’m not an advocate for religion so let me just clear the grounds because if it’s religion you’re playing, you’ll get tired, I’m after finding salvation. I played religion but dumped it when I found the real thing.

    I get there are extremists, but let’s not eliminate the fact that We black people aka africans would still be sold into slavery till present date and who knows still be wallowing in our ignorace healthwise, education wise and spiritually wise.

    You can check out what Jesus says about Loving your neighbor as yourself hence not treating your fellow humans lesser than you. You can check the life history of Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery who I’m sure He feared God. We have just refused to be honest with ourselves in issues like this because I believe everything God requires us to do is actually for our good and for the peace of mankind.

    I’m sure He’s not going to come down and live on Earth for you or with you. Jesus did that more than 2,000 years ago.

    Another fact is this, in the absence of ‘religion’ as you proposed, it means My own truth is my own truth. As long as it feels good for me to do it, then what gives you the right to say it’s wrong? I mean a pedophile can get caught and say that’s the way He is, it’s his own truth. to hurt little kids, what’s the moral law against that? He doesn’t feel bad about it so where’s the yardstick to tell him it’s wrong?

    Someone offends you and you want to kill the person because you believe it’s your own truth. So What is going to stop you from shooting the person? You see your neighbor’s wife and you lust after her? What’s stopping you from lusting after her and committing adultery with her?

    If a guy has been raised to steal as a child or bomb people who don’t reason like him, it becomes his own truth and so there’s nothing that can stop him because He doesn’t believe there’s any power greater he should fear and obey.

    So, rather than the peace you imagined my dear friend, it’s going to be Chaos. Big time! I’m sure in the beginning of time there was nothing like religion and people lived like there was no God. I can’t say there was peace reigning or can you?

    So this goes on to show that Religion is not even the problem. Human Nature is. Period!
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    • About your statement on people not having a yardstick to tell them when to stop, religious people also do things that are wrong, and at the end of the day when you ask them they claim to be Christians or Muslims etc. The main question here should be -If you need religion and the fear of eternal damnation before you agree to do good things, are you really a good person or is your true nature hiding behind your religion?

  5. Sadly like Oma said the world would still be the same without countries or religions, as long as people are on earth the problems will remain. People are the problem, they’d twist anything- religion, government policy etc to suit their self serving aims.
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  6. Religion is the problem. There is What we Call norms and culture in every society that make up the value system. This value system would have be able to guide the activity of the people to love one another but d reverse is the case because of infiltration of religion in our society.
    I still maintain religion is the problem bedeviling the world.

  7. alegtony on said:

    I honestly do not think our problem is either our allegiance to country or religion.
    It’s just “us”….we are only humans. We would always look for something to fight about….
    Country or not; religion or not; humans would strive over something.

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