Who Will Be the Next @LindaIkeji

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originalWho Will Be the Next Linda Ikeji? 

That’s the money question or is it?

Bloggers in Nigeria tend to aspire for their blogs to be the next lindaikeji, the next bellanaija, the next spectacular already existing blog.

So they write like them, set up their blogs like them, even approve comments like them.

So what we have at the end of the day are a flurry of lindaikeji and bellanaija replica blogs floating around the internet sharing the same news via the same RSS feeds, the latest gist via copy, copy, copy and paste, the same pictures and even the same grammatical errors. Nothing new except the web address.

The game plan to success in their minds is to replicate.

Replicate, replicate, replicate with the belief that if they replicate enough success will magically appear.

But success does not come from replicating it comes from creating…creating news that is not seen anywhere else, aggregating content that no one else is carrying…thinking differently. That’s what made the other blogs successful in the first place, they did something that no one else was doing at the time and they did it consistently and they did it different. Being different is what is important.

But how different?

You don’t need to be completely different, you can steal ideas from blogs all over the world. Add a slight spin to it and make it your own like this the David Moyes Spin and like this the Abacha SpinAn even more current example ….

People have been talking about the missing 234 girls in Borno, but no single original pictures of the girls or even their names has been in circulation … that is a glaring opportunity for the daring blogger that is thinking differently to create original content and change the system. All they need to do is add a slight spin… show the girls names … find their pictures …. just be a bit different and all of a sudden the story takes a completely different direction.

Be different consistently enough and soon the question is no longer “who will be the next lindaikeji or the next bellanaija” but rather “who will be the next YOU-that-is-reading-this-article-right-now!”

Be different, write different and for the love of pure-water … stick to it!

twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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32 comments on “Who Will Be the Next @LindaIkeji

  1. True talk. I can remember when a person posted a news on Nairaland and it was copied by two different blogs word to word, no addition nor subtraction. Seriously, we readers get bored of seeing the same news on different blogs and websites. Thanks for this true word. Gathering my thinking tools to become ME and not anybody.

  2. Instead of trying to be the next somebody, bloggers need to learn to write what comes from their heads. Even if it sounds insane or outlandish, we would appreciate it because it is an original thought and not copied.
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  3. Let’s not forget to add that sometimes the goal is not to be popular but to make money. So in a haste to make money off blogging, caution is thrown to the wind. To each one his own. Thanks for the advice.

  4. I completely agree with you. When ever I Google bellanaija gist, I always see blogs following it that all carry the same news. There are some blog sites that shamelessly use Linda Ikeji’s name for their blog *smh*.And I wonder, can’t this people resist the temptation to copy verbatim? Can’t they use their imagination & creativity? As the saying goes, good artists copy, great artists steal. They can like to help themselves

  5. Jasmine on said:

    *in Faze’s voice* O-ri-gi-na-lity! Na we own the society!

    For certain peeps, bringing forth an intellectual product is like JAMB. *sigh*
    While its okay to appreciate someone’s work(sweat), claiming it as your own is practically unforgivable…its much better if permission is given.

    Speaking of permission, I love the ‘Copy’ sketch up there and I’d like to use it. Not for a blog. Scout’s honor. 😉

  6. Funny! I discussed this ish with one of my friends recently. I even wrote (to be published today tho) quite a similar but shorter post about it. Look at this scenario I call it the “Danger of a Copy-Cat”. You(the copy cat) was fortunate to be at one kick-ass event and you posted the gist about it on ur blog- this time u didn’t copy. Then the person u used to copy (the copie) stumbled on ur post and she was like “wow, see gist sha” then she posted it on her own (already established) blog. Anyone that stumbles on your own (original) post would say u copied it… Because that’s what you used to do. There is nothing wrong in stealing ideas from somebody but doing it the way they do it is….STUPID. The same is applicable to businesses. Especially Start-Ups. You don’t have to be completely different to be original tho. 1% different is 100% original.

  7. It’s difficult for entertainment/news blogs not to copy from each other considering the amount of content they post daily and most of the content are time sensitive. The difference should be in the delivery and branding of such content. CNN and Fox News most times report the same news but the delivery is unique to each platform.

    E no easy.
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  8. OMG Ofili once again you just destroyed the nail. I totally ship this. The lack of creativity of those blogs actually irritated me into starting mine earlier this year.
    Its just typical Nigerian way tho… if its lucrative they will overflog it till it loses its relevance.
    I am so proud of my blog especially because of its originality and I look forward to seeing the next me. This is my2naira.
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  9. Thank God I’m not alone in this. The rate at which people copy is alarming. It’s not that people are not smart enough to do something different. I think people just want to make a name and money fast that they even forget who they really are. The sad thing is that it’s not only in blogging that you see this, it’s everywhere especially the entertainment industry generally. For example, someone releases a song today and before you know it, someone else has copied it, creating their own ‘version’. Some use the same tune/beat with the song and sometime copy 80% of the lyrics. Same thing goes for the movies too. There are many movies that have the same storyline but just different titles. Really, it’s sad!

  10. And another thing is some of these people copy blindly. They copy even when they are not sure if the ‘news’ is a fact and not just a rumor. There’s a big creativity problem even in other areas like manufacturing. I guess one of the problem is that our educational sector doesn’t encourage creativity enough and we probably just get too lazy sometimes to think. No doubt, there are still many creative people and thinker around. Also, i believe there is an iota of creativity in everyone in different ways. We just need to look inwards
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  11. “Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy….. ” – Ofili.

    But why won’t people copy sef. Wait! How did they pass exams in school? How did they get WAEC result?
    Recently my wife rented a space in. A certain plaza in town and opened a shop selling women hair extensions. The very next month the woman who owns the very next shop to my wife’s and has been selling clothings for years stopped selling clothings and changed her business to selling women hair extensions. Welcome to Nigeria where creativity and innovation is better appreciated and practised by the dogs.

  12. I’ll instantly use ones rss because i aren’t able to find your current email ongoing hyperlink or perhaps newsletter program. Carry out you’ve got almost any? Be sure to enable me personally have an understanding of to ensure I could just subscribe. Thanks a lot.

  13. olukemilawani on said:

    it.s not just the news we duplicate in nigeria. it.s everything. remember when ‘pure water’ started and suddenly there was an explosion of little factories in kitchens and bathrooms making some, same with ‘okada’, ‘moringa’. even abuja, when i did drive through reminded me so much of victoria island. it.s a cultural thing- don.t they say it in your place:’this is how it.s done’

  14. Great post. I have always believed in originality born out of creativity and great imagination. I’m in the medical field and can say that every human being is blessed with the greatest thing in the whole of creation: the human brain, and its capability cannot be quantified

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