If Big Brother Nigeria Was Really Keeping It Real! #BBNaija

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If Big Brother Nigeria Was Really Keeping It Real…

BBNThey will do the contest in Nigeria and not South Africa.

So that when NEPA takes light the roommates have to deliberate on how long they should leave the generator on or if they should sleep with fan or Air Conditioner.

If you do well in a contest your reward is a free bucket of diesel or a house with inverter.

We get to see how roommates work in difficult conditions like no light, no AC and no running water for 8 days.

Like a roommate should be showering and the water just cuts off abruptly! Because, we want to see how they react. And then they all have to beg the “constituted” authority to turn it back on.

And the price of food should be inflated by 50% or food supply cut in half suddenly to replicate our current situation in Nigeria. And when the roommates complain, they should be reminded that “food” is just a word!

And then Big Brother should just randomly travel to America and leave the housemates scrambling for leadership and direction.

And if a fight breaks out in the “southern” part of the house, big brother should just keep quiet and say nothing …

The winner at the end of the day will truly show that they have what it takes to be Big Brother Nigeria, where shit does not work but we still find a way to win! The ratings will be fantastic!



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