Your Brilliant Ideas Might Be Killing You

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We are all brilliant and like most brilliant people we get hit with different ideas everyday. While driving, in our dreams and even on the toilet seat. Anywhere and everywhere ideas are finding their way into our minds. In a single day we can be hit with a dozen different ideas…but this can be dangerous! Ideas don’t follow the fairy tale laws of life, like bacteria they oppose and fight the very same minds that host them. Thus, a flurry of brilliant ideas ends up overwhelming us into a state of paralysis and confusion. I have met many entrepreneurs plagued with that problem. They want to know how they harbor all the ideas in their head. Sadly, this is impossible…we can and should only focus on a handful of brilliant ideas. Other ideas that don’t make the cut should be stored away or nuked into oblivion forgotten.

At the end of the day we are responsible for picking the few brilliant ideas that would make it out of our minds. The better we are at identifying these…the less we feel overwhelmed and the more we can get done. Streamline your ideas today and give the excess to the world.

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11 comments on “Your Brilliant Ideas Might Be Killing You

  1. Topinsight on said:

    After reading and digesting the above, I couldn’t agree with you more. You dish the meat and I am highly grateful. Thanks aplenty. Chinonsowrites…

  2. Makes so much sense. Tyler Perry actually spoke about this on a video I watched recently. On the flip side, I have seen people that others refer to as “Serial Entrepreneurs”. These people are capable of working on different projects back to back. They usually have had one successful project and are moving on to the next or the 5th, lol. 

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