Ideas Decay In The Head

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Ideas … they float around our heads practically every minute … flying in and out …

But then there are those ideas, the ones that take root in our minds. For some reason we connect with it, we love these ideas, we see the need to bring these ideas out … to make them reality!

But work gets in the way, family gets in away, distractions … well they distract us. But yet those ideas stay in our heads but then days turn into weeks and weeks into years and one day, that great fresh idea, that life changing idea transforms into a pile of shitty irrelevant rubbish! Because time has elapsed and ideas like food kept in the head for too long eventually decay and die.

Get your fresh ideas out before they die in your head!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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12 comments on “Ideas Decay In The Head

  1. Chai Ofili! True Talk! I came across my idea book in school and mehn did I have them in truckloads. Thanks for the heads up. 2015, e go change:D

  2. I think those good ideas stay a little longer until one willingly becomes disillusioned with them; the ideas don’t get disillusioned. For me, I can keep on nurturing a good idea for as long as possible (I do write these ideas down as they come, especially in the medical field) because I know that realizing some of them will need the fertile soil of future trends. Google and Facebook Innovation Labs and MIT Media Lab are examples of places where ideas of the future are being nurtured: the world and current trends are not yet ready for them; and even the technology to realize them is still in the prototype phase.

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