I Said Eat: What My Mother Said

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Lol….this sketch had me laughing all the time I was drawing it, because it reminds me so much of my Mum.

I don’t eat a lot and every time I go to my Parents house they will pack this mighty plate for me, I will just be looking like ______, even when I tell them that I am not hungry … they will still pack the plate. Sometimes I think they will kidnap me and force me to eat! Much love sha …

Enjoy the sketch and do share your FOOD stories where you were forced to … I mean made to eat…

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twitterWritten and Illustrated By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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22 comments on “I Said Eat: What My Mother Said

  1. Food stories… I’ve got plenty. I wasn’t a picky eater as a child but I disliked (till today) eba, back then we had to eat it daily. Sometimes my mum would tell us that she found a new soup recipe somewhere, maybe on TV or something. It was usually an “exotic soup”, Canada soup, Ibadan soup, Jericho soup etc and we’d eat with relish (we were very young). Now we know those soups were the regular soups she always cooked, we were just fooled by the new names.
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    • Ofili

      I thought I was the only one. We used to eat Eba almost everyday and soon I grew to hate it … so now for the past 14 years that I have been independent, I have not eaten Eba!

  2. Hmmm…food stories. Growing up, I was never forced or stylishly cajole to eat. Me that I love food, I ate loads and loads, any type. But the funny aspect was (and is) I didn’t grow fat or big. If food really constitute to one’s shape and size, I’d be as big as Yokozuna. Lol
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  3. As a child, I absolutely loathed custard.. And pap. Throw in oats to the list. I hated it and for some reason, they almost always graced our breakfast table when I was back home on holidays. (I was a border). So I quickly found a way to get rid of my plate. I would act as if I was going to the kitchen for more or to the living room to watch TV and then bin it. One day, I tried to give it away to the dogs since my mom was in the kitchen and my dad was in the living room but our help caught and told on me. So for the rest of that day and the next, my dad made sure I was given oats for lunch, dinner and in-between snacking and I had to eat it all up in front of him. I still cringe when I smell oats boiling whenever I’m at a friend’s place.
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  4. Oh God, look at all the comments. How can you people not love food? -_- I’d still eat eba morning and night every day if I can. Beht, making soup is hard, and I don’t live at home. :'(

  5. I was quite picky as a child. Would wake up one morning and suddenly stop liking what I had been eating jejely before. Of course, I was forced…no, made to eat sometimes. The part my mother just couldn’t get was my occasional refusal to eat meat because “it was too big”. I’m a foodie now that eats most things but I still say no to animal protein on some days even after eating the rest of the food.

    • … But how can you not eat meat?! LoL.
      Growing up, I hated garden egg sauce, jollof rice(except the bottom of the pot), yam porridge and corn pudding(ekusu). I still wonder how I didn’t grow to hate coconut and eba with vegetable soup. When I was younger, yellow garri garnished with diced coconut was everyday snack. We grew lots of water leaf(a type of vegetables) at our backyard so eba and water leaf soup were always available. ALWAYS. I eat everything now though… Except salad and all the rubbish in fried rice. However, I can dash you the bone of my mackerel fish in exchange for shawarma even though the ingredients are similar.

  6. Miss Chibuzo on said:

    I SAY EAT! was my mum’s anthem too o! She will have one annoying cane (koboko) in her hand threatening to use it on us. But the fear of my dad standing beside us alone will make us eat and finish the meal in a minute. My siblings and I never used to eat but I was worse. People say I eat like a bird even till now but I can’t shout, whether I eat more or eat less, it really doesn’t add flesh to my body; so I can’t force myself.

    As a child we ate some annoying menus all in the name of feeding healthy and looking well fed. Meals like Eba, yam porridge, beans, vegetable yam, ukwa, plantain porridge etc…..I never believed in my life that I could one day eat something cool. Where is the mouth to ask for ice cream or cake or fries?

    Anyways we had this cousin living with us then. She was older and so she was always mandated to watch us and make us eat. Ironically this girl liked food more than her life and can eat for 4 people. So we always begged or psyched her to help us eat. She will then ask us to at least eat half of the food while she will finished the rest (in her mind she was helping us while she ate like a glutton). My parents never knew what was happening until one day she was so stuffed up with food that she couldn’t breathe. Hospital things followed and our secret was leaked with some serious consequences! Also when we travel home to the village, we usually wrapped up food in a plastic bag and throw away into my Grandmother’s farm…The day we were caught…Choi!!!! We were so dealt with and for the 1st time I went farming but to harvest rotten food.

    Looking back, growing up was quiet fun! We laugh about all these now.

  7. The mantra isn’t that used in my house. If you wanted me to eat then just give me garri and sugar to soak first. if yu add groundnut, then am all yours. But there are times when I won’t be as ravenous as I am known to be as a young boy but theis doesn’t include days when mu favryt rice, beans, dodo and fish was served. Lol. Its fun sha.

  8. nyiedum ufot on said:

    I was a very picky eater so the koboko usually came with the meals as a motivation. Now I have been “blessed” with children who are picky eaters. I also bring out the koboko sometimes. Mmmhhh is it now a generational thing, lol.

  9. For those of us who grew up in the middle belt, Acha is a regular breakfast meal. I hated that thing. My mum tried various ways to get me to eat it. She would put lime juice in it, which wasn’t bad. Chocolate, extra milk, extra sugar; the woman tried. I just couldn’t take the smell and texture (I hate tiny grained textured food. feels like ants in my mouth).

    She eventually got tired and let me be. Acha was the only food i was allowed to pass on as a kid. Anything else, you either ate it or went hungry.

    oh, did i mention that I hate semovita? Ofili, see what you started.
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  10. Hahahaha! My mum does this. It got worse since i lost a lot of weight. She will change her face and as if am sick? Then she’ll go “how can a mother like you be looking so skinny?” Buahahahahaha! I still wont eat!!! Na by force?

  11. princesa on said:

    Lol, not me oh… I can eat for Africa! They even called me ‘consumer’ then. Every left over food was kept for me to warm and garnish the next day.

    But Now that I’m older, I cut down on food just to maintain a flat tummy.

  12. Right from my childhood days till date…I have always been very picky with food. Now its generated frm being picky to missing some meals altogether. Though I am a good cook and all, I would rather have people eat my food while i end up eating very little or nothing in some cases. Very bad eating habits…I know….bhet that just me. So I ALWAYS get that “eat by force” treatment from my mum and very few close “mother hen” frIends i have who know about my eating habit. I just laughed when I saw the sketch.

  13. Thank God my mum isn’t like this. I was and still is a picky eater and she respected my wishes. I didn’t like oath until recent. Pap and custard go down well with me. But onions, diced pepper, cabbage and all such orisirishi aren’t for me. Ginger, garlic and such roots are highly detested. Just the smell only is enough to turn me off. Semo and wheat, God forbid. Eba is taken only when there is no other option and I am famished patapata. Beans needs motivation like corn or plaintain. I hardly take it and in its disfavour it takes time to pick and cook. My mum knew all these and she provides alternate food whenever she wants to prepare them. Except for few times when she won’t provide it saying I can’t be dictating food for the family or that I should eat healthy food. At times she tries smuggling it, especially ginger. God doesn’t give her do sha

  14. All the comments made me laugh my heart out and I can’t go without sharing mine. I stopped going to one of my aunties place because she will always bring food even though I had eaten before. Well, I grow up in a family where we were the ones looking for food because there were mostly none. Eating of egg was like Christmas. I used to like food to the extent that i could eat 10 times in a day (if the food was available) But now, I find it difficult to eat. my mum and younger siblings nearly tied my hand and force food inside my mouth because I was fasting for 40days and was looking like a broom.
    But I think that as people begin to grow older, their priorities begins to change to other serious things (not food).

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