article-2430708-183ABA6400000578-773_634x757I need shipping containers to sell drugs.

Wait wait please hear me out. Don’t delete my post, I promise it will make sense eventually …

Attempt at making sense ….

These past few months have seen me visit several low income communities in the Lagos mainland. One of the key needs (out of the many many other key needs) are medical and educational. Not enough schools/hospitals and even if you find them, they are in such a poor state they might not even exist at all! And beyond Lagos state, its even worse.

So … I am looking to utilize shipping containers (not an original idea by any stretch of the imagination) to build mini-classroom and pharmacy’s. The only problem is that I can’t seem to find the shipping containers.

So back to my original headline:

“Help! I need shipping containers to sell drugs.”

Does anyone here know who or where I can get shipping containers from. Please help me out, I might name a container after you.

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