I Am Not Anti #PDP or Anti #APC Just Anti BullShit

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About 2 weeks ago, I received two messages almost simultaneously … one on Facebook messenger and the other on Blackberry Messenger and both from the same person. The request?

For me to create anti-Buhari and anti-APC cartoon sketches. Probably the requester saw this sketch here and assumed that I was anti-APC but probably did not see this other sketch here, which would have countered his original motion. So I politely declined.

But then another message flew in “I go pay” and that’s when I decided to write this article to clarify a few things about my political stance …

Microsoft Word - Life Does Not Give Us Lemons Just ShitI am sorry but I am not anti-APC or anti-PDP I am simply anti-Bullshit. If you want to pay me to draw anti-bullshit cartoons or write anti-bullshit articles, you can. Because I am a firm believer that both parties APC and PDP are the same “same shit different toilet” they have no ideologies just self-interests. So I am not looking to push a lopsided biased argument to favor one party when I am fully aware of the self-interest ideology that drives each party.

I am only interested in exposing the truth, uncovering the lies, and fighting to make sure that issues bigger than rice and beans come to the fore-front of our electoral discussions. I am interested in open debates where candidates can be drilled on their Economic strategies, Educational ideas and Political Ideologies versus the same old canned speeches and staged photographs that we normally see.

In my party, the anti bullshit party (ABP) we don’t care what your religion is, we don’t care how sexy your family is, or how many followers are on your social media page, or who has endorsed you. We only care about you … the candidate. So I urge all reading this to join the Anti bullshit party (not a real party, but it should be) by ensuring you get candidates and supporters to stick to the issues. 2015 is a very crucial year from Senate races, to Government races to the big Presidential race, Nigeria just has to get it right!

And we all can help do that … we have one vote (well technically … some people have more votes but that’s another issue for another day), but we can influence many more votes by getting others to stick to the issues and facts that matter!

Don’t sell your votes or your art or you social media platform to parties but sell it to the truth. I am out…

twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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18 comments on “I Am Not Anti #PDP or Anti #APC Just Anti BullShit

  1. Aweriawhen on said:

    I saw a very annoying BC on bbm. “I am among Nigerians who yearn for positive change after 16 years of same stories
    …………………………………………NIGERIANS MUST VOTE RIGHTLY IN 2015!
    If SOMEONE is:
    J = Just
    O= On
    N= Negative
    A= Assignments
    T= To
    H= Harm
    A= All
    N= Nigerians

    THEN we must also find someone who will:
    B= Bring
    U= Us
    H= Hope
    A= And
    R= Remove
    I= Incompetence
    CHANGE IN 2015…”. All I could say was lol. Who told you any of them is better? How do you know. Was it not the same thing with Jonathan in 2011? Jonathan was the “Good luck” Nigeria needed. Four years down the line and we see he’s just a SLOW shit. All the same he’s shit. But Buhari is anonymous shit. We do not know who he really is, and that’s sweeping all rumours aside.

  2. I really love this post. this is nice. both parties, full of bullshit and idiotic nonsense. A presidential debate will show these people for who they really are, parties with no ideologies and manifestos, whose idea of campaign is to show just how bad the other party is. PDP; looters and thieves, APC; the so called changers, half of which are ex PDP members, looters, thieves and liars. am I the only person who feels that we don’t have a presidential candidate yet?

  3. “Don’t sell your votes or your art or you social media platform to parties but sell it to the truth”

    Everyone needs to hear this and think deeply about what they are supporting in regards to the 2015 election. The options presented to Nigerians are not great. We are between a rock and a hard place.

    On another note. Thanks for all your inspiring write up this year. I have learnt a lot from reading your blog. I don’t always agree with your stance, but its always nice and refreshing to exchange ideas with intelligent folks like your self.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for 2015.
    Monale A. (The Versatile Nigerian) latest post is Merry Christmas to My ReadersMy Profile

  4. I second this quote…
    “Don’t sell your votes or your art or you social media platform to parties but sell it to the truth”

    We have indeed come to a point where we need to decide where Nigeria is going because we cannot continue to wallow in this quagmire of dross that has been going on since 19-kiridim!

    As this year draws to a close, I also want to add my voice to Monale’s and say a huge thank you to you, Ofili. I have also been inspired by your blog and the space you allow for us to have intelligent conversations without the ‘prerequisite’ name-calling and sycophancy. This is how we will grow…when we can look each in the face and be honest without acrimony.

    Congratulations on your book reading at Terakulture…even though we couldn’t be physically present, you made sure we didn’t miss out via VoxTv…so thank you for that.

    Well done and more Jeleen to your elbow for 2015!
    Okan’ube latest post is The Absurdity of Husband-Snatching [Revised Edition 2014]My Profile

  5. I know my comment has absolutely nothing to do with the article, but Ofili, this has got to be your sexiest picture ever. Choi!!!
    You should consider adding modeling to your already hectic schedule. It just might be worth it.

  6. I agree with your ideas but then political apathy is just as good as voting for the winner because the moment you don’t cast your vote you’ve made it one less vote to catch up to the winner,

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