How To Make Work Disappear

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If you want work to disappear…just let it pile up, so high that people would notice how large your work load is and start taking some off your plate.

Or you can let it sit….sit for so long that people begin to forget about it…so long that even you yourself forget that you have work to do.

Now if any of those solutions don’t work and I am pretty sure they won’t, you can decide to do one more thing…and that is actually trying to do the work. And that is the magical secret to making work disappear!

Because quite simply, If you want work to disappear you just have to get up and do it. Letting it sit, will never make it go away. There are no magical work fairies floating around our offices or homes trying to wish our tasks away, trust me I’ve searched for them and they don’t exist.

If you want to succeed in life, you just have to get up and do something. Whatever you want to do or plan to do…do it. That blog article that has been spinning around in your head…just write it. That book you have been wanting to read…just read it. That proposal you have been meaning to start…just start it. That babe you have been wanting to toast…just toast her.

Don’t think about the task too much, just jump in and start going at it. That is life’s magical secret to success. Because when you do stuff and do more stuff…you begin to find that work actually disappears! So get something done today and tell us about it below. And remember #OFILIisWatchingYOU

NOTE: And O that pink character in the picture above? That was me 2 weeks ago, waving a magic stick (my finger actually) vigorously at my computer screen in hope that my work would disappear…but it did not…so I stopped waving the stick, pulled off my magic hat, rolled up my sleeves and got to work. And because I did that, I was able to complete a Proposal that I had been putting off for months and also and quite ironically I was also able to complete this blog post.

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17 comments on “How To Make Work Disappear

  1. Omozino on said:

    Yaay Ofili is back. I’ve been waving the magic wand at my desk waiting for things I’ve got to do to disappear now I have to just do it! Thanks Ofili *big hug*

    • Ofili

      I apologize. If I recall you sent a bunch of articles, no time to go through them. If you have one particular one you want me to go through then I can.

  2. The Nike Article – Just Do It!

    The message – well understood. Start now and start later; the work never ends. #OfiliAlwaysWatches

  3. Spot-on as always Ofili.

    Annoying isn’t it? How the magical way to make work disappear isn’t really different from the more boring way to get it to go! I try to do the stuff I hate first and reward myself with the tasks I find easy to do as a distraction from the stuff I hate to do.

    In any case, doing it is the only actual foolproof way to make it go away.

    • Ofili

      If you are in the position to delegate or you can afford an assistant, by all means do that. But again letting it lie will not solve or make it disappear.

  4. Arggghhhhhh! When i saw the first few lines of this blog, i was happy i found an easy way out! Such a show

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