Advance Praise And Insult for How Intelligence Kills

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“I couldn’t stop licking the book… it was that sweet!” ~Ofili’s secret baby

 “This book finally confirmed my greatest fears…I am Intelligent!”  ~Akpos

“Finally something more controversial than my blog!” ~Linda Ikeji Prototype Blogger

“This book is repulsive…the writer attacks the church, Nigerian bookstores, literary figures, and the forces of the underworld in the same book!” ~The ghost of Sani Abacha

“Ofili does not just ruffle feathers in this book…he plucks them out and forces them into a pillow. And then uses the pillow to suffocate his critics.” ~The village rooster

“We warned Ofili not to write this book…now we are not sure he can make it to heaven without asking for immense forgiveness.” ~Pastor

“I could not put this book down… because frankly the Lagos rains would have messed up my weave.” ~Ofili’s ex-lover

“I was shocked when I heard Ofili wrote a third book…the first must have been luck, the second even more luck…but a third? The world must be coming to an end.” ~Ofili’s elementary school teacher – from his first book

“Ofili exposes the termagant ossifying proclivities of the kakistocracy enveloping our knowledgia centura in a paraplegic crinkum crankum.” ~Patrick Obahiagbon’s Clone

“The author should be caned for writing this book.” ~The Cane Awards


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10 comments on “Advance Praise And Insult for How Intelligence Kills

  1. i was unfortunate to hear you speak in bowen university , can you come back? p.s how can we(i) get the first and second book. love your fight for women i am a strong feminist myself and want to become a company lawyer of which about 2% of company lawyers in Nigeria are women. thanks for enlightenment!

  2. Ofili, can you publish the book already!!!! all these hype, hope say you sabi say too much hype dey kill spirit! abeg publish the shege make we see road….kidding!

    Pls we are waiting…!

  3. on said:

    lol Ofoli: ur ex lover is very funny.

    I can’t wait to read a book from you titled “When stupidity & intelligence marry, this is what you get…”

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