How Intelligence Kills The Draft Cover

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It is 3 am and I am close to exhaustion…been working on the cover for my new book all weekend wanted to create something that would be different without losing the essence of what the whole book is about. And I am really excited about the way the cover has evolved.

I stole this concepts from My inspiration for this cover is from Kanye West and a random Tumblr picture I found last year. The Kanye West picture had a sword through Kanye’s head, so I drew a sword going through my head and a stack of books (the titles are hmmm interesting) to depict how intelligence kills.


Let me know what you think about the design. Do you think it is something you will look at twice or do you think it is terrible? Do you think the color should change? As usual be as honest as candid as you want. Remember this is and you have freedom of speech…lol

blue cover added on August 1, 2013: Remember this are drafts…not final o!


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69 comments on “How Intelligence Kills The Draft Cover

  1. chydee on said:

    First, I must commend the effort you have put into the work so far -really inspiring. Yes, the design is something I’ll take a second look at, simply because it is ‘too’ colourful…almost like a colour war taking place on the cover. Then again, I don’t see the way intelligence is killing that dude on the cover, I only see a sword going through his head and destroying his books. My humble opinion 🙂

  2. @mz_tex on said:

    @Ofili, I must commend ur wrk(s), they’ve been inspiring. In my opinion, I don’t think I have to take a second look at the cover coz d title tells it all but lyk@Chydee pointed out, it’s 2 colorful…..wish you all the best, cheers

  3. u shld change the pink to a color bright but unusual and a bit mature to reach out to not only youths but everyone. Also if the head can look like yours , it would be pull me back to give z second look while i am walking by the workshops or of course the re-written ones we have ba home in nigeria

  4. Nelly J on said:

    Hi Ofili,looking forward to the book already. However,would prefer d picture in d front cover be almost realm wil less colour. D way it is now makes it look like a children’s story book. Can u try d picture of a demented man on suit wit books on his head??? Nt sure how dat wil come-out in a picture but if it does,it just mit make more sense.

  5. Egboja Zikman on said:

    All the comments are in line but the 1st comment seem to hit the nail on the head! Albeit, the concept of intelligence killing that dude is not driven home at all, at all. The dude’s eyes are clearly opened with no show of pain/discomfort that will result in death from intelligence. How about a guy on the ground with a heap of books on him while he struggles to be on his feet? The cover colour is rioting too; how about using some color (say dark blue, tan, olive green etc) that will appeal to the young & old alike. In all, your work is awesome!

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Intelligence Kills is a comical analysis or Intelligence. Plus I am not planning on putting a book cover that depicts real death with blood and all on a book cover. Will look at the color brightness sha.

  6. Osemobor Okhai on said:

    this is lovely… I love the title… and the design is great… but I think the yellow colour is better than the pink… but which ever… it will be a great read….

  7. obi charless on said:

    Nice work ofili,quite simple and different.I believe the appeal of the cover page lies in its simplicity.weldoner

  8. Hmmm… being a doctor and exposed to blood, guts and gore ad nauseum, I’m not a fan of the whole knife-through-the-head thingamajig. Perhaps the suggestion of the picture of a demented man in a suit with books on his head? buckled knees? drunken sway?? Little less violence-oriented and more ‘Intelligence kills”-oriented??? Just suggesting…

  9. Daba Bob-Manuel on said:

    I am looking forward to reading the book already. The knife doesn’t have to be there, me thinks. The books and glazed eyes concept already does it for me because I have a picture of a stressed individual in my head already just by looking at it. You could have the guy hold his head in exasperation. I do not know if that is easy to do though.

  10. rachael on said:

    Ofili am lookin forward τ̅☺ readin evry page of τ̅ђa̶̲̥̅̊τ̅’s book. Buh I tink d cover is too childish nd dsnt really fit wat u sayin smtin mature wil b nided if u wish τ̅☺ apply τ̅☺ adult minds plus d colour is too much. I go wit d sugestion of a man in a suit. Or smtin totaly abstract dats leaves ur readers curious τ̅☺ knw wats inside. U really don’t nid pictures buh u cld just put a book nd a gun

  11. Tayo on said:

    Bros, great work so far. For the background, I am okay with it but I am thinking if the drawing can be a man who stand on a log of books to hang himself. May be dressed in a professional attire. Just brain-storming ooh.
    Weldone bros, •tuale • for a good job!

  12. Brilliant cover! The yellow is too brilliant sha. Yellow is my favourite colour, and I think pink is bleh, but I still prefer pink on this one. Oh and me thinks the position of the knife and the books sends the message. And no, it does not look like a children’s book to me.

  13. I love it! I think the earlier commenters already addressed that the pink if extremely bright. Plus, most men do not respond favorably to pink anything from a marketing perspective. I like the yellow. Yellow is bright, attention-grabbing, and appeals to both sexes. I would suggest a white border or some non-illustrated element around the book to give it a polished element which will underscore your witty illustration being purposeful.

  14. Benjamin on said:

    Honestly, i commend your work of creativity and look forward to reading your book. Since you r giving us this opportunity i must help my but, i dont expect to see a Sword going through someone like you have. i think a well dressed , suited but ruffled up dude or Ofili with Stack of books on his head and struggling to hold them together would be cool. Jst Saying !

    Or maybe a jerk sitting on a reading table with different kinds of fat heavy books stacked on both sides, with a Reading lamp and fatigue all over the guys face. Yes he’s adding but dying @ the same time, loool.

  15. I like the concept and would go with the statement about if the knife came from the other side of the books since intelligence is often attributed to the books we read.

    Regarding the colors, I think I like them but would go more with yellow, you can check out this infographic which I think might help you better in choosing a color.

    All in all, looking forward to the information in the book.
    Adegbenga Agoro latest post is Skill Acquisition and MonetizationMy Profile

  16. Love your work! You know I am a fan. But what’s up with these colors that rape my eyes?!!!! Go with blue or green….but not hot pep-to bismol pink! Or sickenly lemony yellow! This PSA announcement brought to you by “Eyes for the Color-blind”. Thank you. ;).

  17. Solomon on said:

    Great job, great design I most say the colours are too sharp, too many and the design seem trivial, should that be the essence, pls carry on. Again the title should override the graphics. Best of luck my friend.

  18. Frances on said:

    great work Ofili. I jst read one of ur books today n though nt yet through, it’s awesome. #how stupidity saved my life.
    well for dis one, here is my own little contribution. y not try out a man who is coperately dressed bt without suit n lookin very shabby plus drenched in hot sweat as a number of books with legs n hands point guns at him with angry faces. and for the colour… pls nt over colourful dis tym..jst sometin more matured. 🙂 goodluck.

  19. I have no issues with the colors just reduce the brightness! But the illustration could have your head in the middle looking bemused and tired with all the books on both sides of his head trying to crush it. And P.s lose the sword!

  20. Falola Ifeoluwa on said:

    I absolutely love the first one… it totally encapsulates the title of the book and the background colour is just fine…

  21. Hi ofili can you make it less frightening with the sword, I think I’ll prefer the books pressing on the guys head or else you can tell kids not to try this at home.

  22. The title of the book is awesome! For the cover, I think yellow will be much cooler and attractive. And again the thought of that knife piercing through that Igbo man’s head is quite scary. Maybe you could have him hold the book close to his head with the knife. Anyways, Goodluck with the book!

  23. Tee Davis on said:

    Hi Oke, I was half asleep when I read this and when I saw that first picture with kanye and the sword going through his head I screamed NOOOOOOO lol This can be happening. This can’t be the cover .. Then I really woke the heck up to read further .. I love the blue cover .. It depicts everything I think you’re trying to convey and it’s also cute 😉 Indubitably, my favorite. Best of luck with this new book dear .. I’m sure it will just as great or even greater than the previous ones .. I’m totally rooting for you …

  24. Maggie on said:

    Love the title AND the illustration!! I think it drives the point home and really illustrate the wittiness of what you want to say.

    I think all the colours could have worked really. My favorite is the baby blue one though. And that’s unusual because I am not a big blue fan in general.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. Nnaemeka Chukwuma on said:

    Hi Ofili, great stuff you’ve got going on well done! I’m cool with the cool blue, I also feel it will be cooler without the knife going through the head.

  26. on said:

    Ofili, I prefer the blue cover, it looks more mature than the pink (or orange…those colours are the same to me). Either way, i want the content not the cover!

    Ride on bro, I you are loved!

  27. Layo Abe on said:

    Hi Ofili, i really like you and your works, i think you will still be great(er) in life… I am just seeing this post and i love love love the title and the design..a lil bit shouty maybe but i guess it’s all abt being different :)…seems some peeps are not really comfy with the design but i would suggest….*picture this* the same head in d design with a cut open head like wizkid had in that dance for me video…lol and books going into the head yea frm left and right and he has X for eyes… emphasizing the *kills* in the title like this >>(X_X)… Please let me know what you think about mu idea….it’s just a thought. Thank you.

  28. Tochukwu on said:

    The blue colour = Excellent (for me shaa)

    Why the red cap? i assume it is because of the “respect &elder” stuff. The title is crazy and a lot of people expects a crazy picture. i equally had a crazy picture that i had wanted to suggest. But on a second thought, i just sensed that just as the picture is calm, that is how the intellignent is silently killing the man.
    The thing is, he looks normal, but he is silently going into extinction due to too much “know-know”. So in my opinion, i think the picture is ok. You can increase the number of books though.

    Abeg e don do self. Too much suggestion and too many cooks they spoil soup. Just do your thing jare.

  29. *fuming* *red smoke from ears* *little intermittent sparks from mouth* WHEN IS THIS BOOK COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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