Pursuit Of Happiness or Reality?

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“Work for free, you never know where it may take you…” That’s the bullshit they sell us and people drink it up.

Now there is nothing wrong with starting from down there or working for free, but for how long? To what end? When do you wake up and say “I am worth more than this?”

You see the world is not all “Pursuit of Happiness” type endings, not everybody gets the cherry pie at the end of the day … not everyone makes it to the top or gets their story of disappointment turned into a major blockbuster movie, so while you are working for free and grinding make sure to set a limit or you could be sucked into somebody’s motion picture but as an “extra” aka the stunt man without any stunts.

And please don’t stop pursuing your happiness but ensure that you don’t leave the logic behind!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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9 comments on “Pursuit Of Happiness or Reality?

  1. Maybe you’re right…The only way to know is to take reality into your hands and try to make it work for you.
    You inspire me. I don’t know if you remember the “beyond the four walls seminar” you attended at Bowen university some time ago but I do. I was the girl in pink who wanted a fashion line. My point is, you’re doing a good job!

  2. it is good to start with free but never end up for free. You might never get an opportunity to speak to people or even in a church when you not known and you are demanding money. People want to see what you can offer and then they can now pay you for your services rendered. be willing to render free services but don’t end there.
    Cos men got bills to pay.

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  3. Keep the good work up.
    Working for free might just never cut it like you said as more than a few of these employers are ready to “enslave” you without room for the happily ever after.

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